Creating a Winning Mindset- #3- Tulsa Life Coaching- Life Coach

DO Dream Big! Growing up I WAS ALWAYS CALLED A DREAMER. I always would dream of being successful, I would dream of being famous, I would dream of changing the world! I would always share my dreams with others and at a very young age I was able to separate those people that would be successful to those that would not be successful. How would…

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Creating a Winning Mindset- #2

Creating a Winning Mindset – Principle #2 –Believe In Yourself How do you view yourself? On a daily basis, I talk to many people who just don’t believe that they can do it. They just dont believe that they can have that which they so badly desire. Why is this? It is because they have a poor self image. You have to believe in YOU!…

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Why did Tiger Woods Fail?-Life Coaching Tulsa-Life Coach

Today I want to give you your first Winning Mindset Principle. Creating a Winning Mindset – Principle #1 – ACCOUNTABILITY! Over the last week you have probably read and seen the news stories on Tiger Woods.  I have had numerous people ask me what I think of the situation so today as I give you your winning mindset principle I will weigh in on the…

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It’s A Mindset!-Tulsa Life Coaching-Life Coach

Let me ask you a question… What does ultimate freedom mean to you? What does true health look like to you? What does ultimate success look like to you? Now, let me change the question – if you had all the freedom in the world that you could want, what would you be doing right now? What if you could just get up in the…

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My Hero-The Ultimate Coach!-Tulsa Life Coach-Life Coaching

I get asked the question all the time, “How and why did you become a coach?” How- The how part..lets just say it has been a process! Why- Because I love people and have a heart to see people experience life for what it should be. At a young age I was told on many different occasions that I would be a preacher/pastor. I never…

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