Do You Trust Your Doctor?-Tulsa Life Coach

I rarely ever get sick but for some reason I came down with something and just could not shake it. After about 10 days I have been to the Doctor 3 times in my entire life. I believe Doctors have their role but for me I just have chosen to go a different route and it has worked for me… After being sick for 10…

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Your Substitute to Sugar and artifical sweetners-Tulsa Life Coaching

Check out my video on what you can do to replace the deadly sugar and artificial sweeteners in your life. After watching the video check out below where I listed my top 5 so that you can reference them for yourself. You asked so here you go! Here are my top 5 substitutes to sugar and artificial sweeteners: 1. Stevia is a South American herb…

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Diet soda- Is it your enemy?- Tulsa Motivational Speaker

I get so many emails in regard to this subject. People believe because it is “diet soda that it is ok. It always amazes me when I see someone order some fast food, biggie size it and then order a diet coke. Just Say No! I swear, people have the mindset that drinking diet is going to do their body good. Not only has diet…

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What To Eat During Pregnancy-Bootcamp Tulsa-Tulsa Life Coaching

It seems like everywhere I turn one of our BcT clients is pregnant. I have received a ton of emails the last few months in regard to exercise and nutrition when pregnant so I wanted to share with you an article that a colleague of mine wrote that will help you if you are pregnant or planning on being pregnant in your life time! What…

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