The Pumpkin Workout- Tulsa Life Coach

When you think of Halloween or the Fall you have to think of Pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread and even pumpkin latte’s! I love the fall and I love pumpkin anything. Well as you know I’m in the business of getting people INTO shape, and I’ve got a Pumpkin workout for you – some intense full body exercises using just pumpkin. Do these…

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14 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan

You wanted it! You got it! As many of you probably already know my 1 year wedding anniversary is this Sunday. I am a blessed man to have such a great wife by my side. So for my 1 year anniversary I wanted to do something special for YOU! By now you probably have heard all about my 14 Day Fat Burning Meal Plans. Get…

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