You want to WIN as an athlete? We are hosting a 90 clinic for you to do just that! Space is limited! Click here for more details and the complete flyer on how to RSVP WIN. SERIOUS Athletes. SERIOUS Results.

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“WHY” are you giving away a MERCEDES?

To help people WIN! PERIOD. If you haven’t heard, this month out at my local fitness company, Bootcamp Tulsa we are giving away a Mercedes. How cool is that?! It’s super cool!!! But I don’t want for you to miss the “WHY” and how this can help you create more WIN’S in your own life. I ask my clients all the time to discover their…

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Are you giving up the LOLLIPOP?

I grew up knowing nothing about winning. One thing that I did know starting at a young age… That I was going to help other’s WIN! At a young age I always wanted to please others. I always wanted to see other people happy. I wanted to do whatever was necessary to help others win. Even if it was about the red lollipop from the bank. Say What?!…

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Coach JC