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IMG_0071BRHe has been assisting individuals from all walks of life to “Take it to the next level!” Coach JC motivates people to take control of their life by taking control of their health. Coach JC has a passion for helping people live their life to the fullest.

He is the Founder and President of JJC Enterprises, LLC. He is the Founder of the well-recognized Sports Performance Company, Dynamic Sports Development and the Founder of Bootcamp Tulsa, Tulsa’s first ever, outdoor fitness program. Bootcamp Tulsa has been named one of the country’s Top 10 outdoor Fitness Bootcamps.

In addition, Coach JC is the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Oral Robert University and a Developer of The Health4life Transformation Challenge. Coach JC’s coaching philosophy remains consistent in that he is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to empower individuals to create ultimate Lifestyle Changes.

Coach JC’s qualifications include: a bachelors of science degree, a Life Coach Certification, multiple coaching, sports performance and fitness certifications, with none more valuable than his 10 years in the trenches. He is the author of The Secret To Real Weight Loss Success, Your 27 Day Body Transformation Gameplan, Co-author of the well recognized personal development book, The Code, as well as countless articles. He has also been a consultant to Professional Athletes, Business Men, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, and others just like you.

Coach JC also inspires and coaches young entrepreneurs about realizing your dreams and turning your passion into profits! He will show you how you can profit doing what you love to do, run your businesses with integrity, and make money at the same time!

Coach JC’s Coaching Style

“Once you change your thinking you can then change your life!”

I have been told by my clients that they appreciate my rare combination of loving, spiritual guide and in-your-face coaching. I will coach you through a process of true self-discovery, why are you here and what is it that you were called to do! We will get you focused on the task at hand, developing habits and executing a powerful, life-changing gameplan. Iam a truly unique, highly motivated person who is passionate about coaching people to achieve life success. I will coach you to attain complete wellness and the ultimate success that you’ve been looking for.


While working with me, accountability is critical to success. You will be held accountable for your daily actions. Your success, like any gameplan, hinges on your commitment to taking small, systematical steps toward your goals. Consistency!

Together, we will develop a game plan, but to reach your goal, your definition of success, you must do the work. I can’t do that part for you.

I am not here to be your friend but we may become friends. I am here to be your coach, your mentor, and your guide. I will show you how to walk out true success so that you can help others be successful. I truly believe that my legacy will come through helping others be successful.

I am very passionate about what I do and have and will turn clients down that I feel are not serious about results. This is my calling and it trumps the almighty dollar. I am committed to helping you experience life to the fullest.

How many of you can say that you are truly successful in all areas of life: financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally? I live that life, that life of total abundance and I will coach you to experience that total abundance in your life. That is what I call real Prosperity!

Together we will map out YOUR successful life- let’s get started today!

Coach JC’s Story


Growing Up….

I was raised in New Jersey by a single parent, my mother. Growing up, my sister and I watched and learned as my mom worked multiple jobs. Although we never had “much” from a materialistic standpoint, we were rich by our own standards. My mom taught us to work hard, treat others with compassion and to value our good health. These lessons have always served me well and, today, I seek to share my good fortune with others.

The thrill of competition, whether it be competing against myself or on a team, has always been focal point in my life. I’ve always strived to be the best. More than anything, I want to see people happy with their own personal victories and to never quit.

My start as a coach…

After high school, I had opportunities to play athletics at the collegiate level. Rather than going that route, I found myself attending a college in Tulsa Oklahoma at Oral Roberts University (ORU). The funny part is, I swore that I would never go to Oklahoma! Let’s just say I had a praying mom and another one of her lessons was to “never say never.” I found a new role, or position to play, at ORU. My role on the team changed. I began working in the strength and conditioning department so I could help other athletes achieve their maximum potential. Soon, I found myself not only coaching them physically, but also spiritually and mentally. I was coaching them on life.

Ironically, while I was coaching people on living their best life, I was struggling. People would come to me for answers. I was able to give them the answers they needed, but wasn’t happy in my own life. I was struggling to understand my role in life, what life is all about and who I was. I always knew that there was more, but I just didn’t know what it was and didn’t know how to get it. My advice served others well, but fell short in my own life. While attending ORU I made some poor decisions that cost me time, a lot of money and heartache. It was at this point I began to attend Victory Christian Center and enrolled in their Bible school, Victory Bible Institute.

It’s an interesting path to take, I admit. I’m coaching people on fitness, life, and success while my own life was in turmoil. The next two years would be the most challenging time in my life. I fought though. I fought and I pushed and I won. I grew spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I began to realize that I can live a life of complete health, abundance and happiness.

This revelation had a tremendous impact on my life. I knew I wanted and could achieve health, abundance and happiness. It was during this time that I was named Director of Strength and Conditioning at ORU. I was the youngest Division 1 Strength coach in the nation. Over the next few years, the athletic programs that I worked with would experience the most success in the school’s history. My coaching of athletes was not limited to the physical though. I was also coaching them on life skills, mental strategies and spiritual guidance.

Having accomplished the health aspect of the formula, I widened my focus to also include abundance and happiness. I took the fundamentals my mom taught me so many years ago in New Jersey and built on it. I began to read and read and read. It was during this time that I read three books that would change my life forever.

3 books that changed my life…

The first book, “The Purpose Driven Life”, helped me identify my calling in life. I knew that my purpose was to help others become successful and assist them in finding their purpose in life just as I had. It was during this time that I knew that I would prepare myself mentally so that I would walk out my purpose on this earth.

The second book, “Think and Grow Rich”, made it abundantly clear that anyone can be wealthy and have anything that they want in life. I discovered that for a person to experience true prosperity one must be prosperous spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. If one of these components is missing then true prosperity cannot occur. I realized that it was my calling to help others experience that prosperity.

The third book is the Bible. The Word can transform your life if you allow it. I began to understand that there was much more to life than just me. I began to realize that God had been preparing me to coach, teach and inspire others. I knew that God has blessed me and had given me talents, gifts and allowed me to experience certain things in my life for a reason. I knew, for me, true success would come when I was helping others become successful. I discovered that my calling was to find a way to serve as many people as possible so that they could experience this true prosperity and ultimate success through God’s word.

I am living proof that health, abundance and happiness is possible! By 2008, I owned and operated two companies and also worked a full time job. None seem like work because I love what I do and the results speak for themselves.

You may be asking yourself, “What separates Coach JC from any other Life Coach or fitness guru’s? The answer is simple, I coach my clients until they find true success, balance and happiness in all aspects of their lives. How many of you can say that you are truly successful in all areas of life: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually? What if I told you that you can now live the life that you were born to live? You can experience true success and walk a life of abundance. It is possible and you can do it once you Conquer your thinking. I take pride in helping others get results; professionally and personally. Check out what some of my clients have to say, click here.

If you are serious about your health and personal growth, let me help you!

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  • Meet Coach JC

    "If you want to WIN more in life you are in the right place my friend! I am blessed and privileged everyday to help people WIN more in life.

    I got my start as the youngest Director of Strength & Conditioning at the Division I level at Oral Roberts University and have been blessed to COACH professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and WNBA through Dynamic Sports Development. As an ENTREPRENEUR I then started Bootcamp Tulsa to help women WIN in their Fitness, Nutrition & in Life. On a daily basis I now run our Non-Profit, 501 (c) (3), Fit First Responders serving those that serve us everyday, our Police Officers, Firefighters, Medics and national Guard.

    If I'm not helping people WIN through my Performance Coaching you will find me motivating people on stage through my MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING in churches, companies, universities and athletic organizations. I even took some of that motivation and combined it with a winning game plan to author a few books. I love helping people WIN but there is nothing I'm more passionate about then being a FATHER to my beautiful daughter and a HUSBAND to my hot wife."

Coach JC