Coach JC’s #2 Inspirational video -There is NO Tomorrow!-Tulsa Life Coach

Jun 10, 2010 | #Win in Life

Oh Man! This is  good one…

Get READY! I am about to give you another of my favorite inspirational videos!!!

“I will start  tomorrow!”
“I didn’t eat breakfast this morning, I woke up late and had no time.”
“I didn’t get to train today, I just got caught up with so many other things going on.”


“I didn’t schedule that meeting today, I just got too busy!”

So many people want to be great…but they just never get there because they wait until tomorrow!

Tomorrow is never promised!

Everyday Matters!

Today Is Your Day!
Don’t wait until it’s too late and then look back with regret. That is a horrible feeling!

There is no tomorrow!

Here is a clip from one of my favorite movies about the value of today…

I GET goosebumps everytime I watch it! Enjoy!

If that doesn’t inspire you than something is wrong!

Your life is NOT a game!!

Tomorrow is NOT Promised!!!

What can you do TODAY to take control of your future?
What can you do TODAY to make yourself a better person?

What can you do TODAY to guarantee yourself success?

Make Today Count!
Take Control of your future… fight for what you need…Go and take it today!

Coach JC

PS. I still have 5 more of my Top 7 favorite inspirational videos coming!! Get Ready!!!

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