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Dec 9, 2009 | #Win in Life

Today I want to give you your first Winning Mindset Principle.

Creating a Winning Mindset – Principle #1 – ACCOUNTABILITY!

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Over the last week you have probably read and seen the news stories on Tiger Woods.  I have had numerous people ask me what I think of the situation so today as I give you your winning mindset principle I will weigh in on the whole Tiger situation as well.

First, let me state that I am not one to judge and I am amazed at how many people feel as if it is their place to place judgment.  So many in the press and media want to stand in judgment of him, which does not shock me because that is what they feel they get paid to do!
Tiger Woods is a human being, just like each and everyone of us. He is capable of making mistakes and screwing up just like we all are? So, let me ask you a question. Why is he different?

Well, that answer is simple, right? Because he is a professional athlete and is constantly in the spot light so he must be more careful of the things that he chooses to do.

I agree, and that is part of being a professional athlete. To understand that you are a role model to many people out there and that the decisions that you make will affect many.

Because he is a great golfer does that make him invincible? Of course not! He is a guy that makes a lot of money to play golf, which he is really good at!

Let me ask you another question.  Why do we as humans want so desperately to look up to someone so badly?

We do it over and over again and each time we are let down. Tiger Woods is not perfect.  He is a human, that is a golfer!

We have all failed and we must acknowledge our failures,and move on. Don,t be so quick to cast the first stone!

This is not an excuse for Tiger Woods making some really poor decisions but rather a challenge to judge ourselves before rushing to judgment on someone else.

He screwed up and screwed up BIG TIME! Not just once but plenty of times!

Is he in the wrong? You are damn right!

I hurt for his wife and family but I feel bad for  Tiger as well. Do you know the pain he must be feeling right now? To know that he broke a promise to his wife and his family. He must be miserable! You could have all the fame in the world and all the money in the world but without peace of mind you will be miserable. The man must be having some serious internal battles and questioning his worth and value at this time.

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So where did Tiger go wrong? How could this have been prevented?

This is where your Creating a Winning Mindset- Principle #1 comes in…

It is called ACCOUNTABILITY! Who was Tiger accountable to? Who was he allowing to speak into his life? Who was he answering to?

“Accountability is making the decision to allow others to make you great!”

You will only go as far as you are accountable! It is amazing how so many people get uncomfortable when they hear the word accountability. Who wants to answer to others and have their life exposed to someone else?

Life is not easy, so why try to attack it on your own? Without accountability that is what you will be doing. I do not care what your goals are in life. Maybe it’s to make more money, lose weight, be more successful, or be a better spouse…it does not matter. You have got to have someone that holds you accountable! What I am telling you is to find someone who you trust and respect, and allow them to make you better. This is someone who wants to see you achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest. Someone that will help hold you to your commitments. This is someone who you can be totally open, honest, and vulnerable with at all times.


I truly believe that if Tiger Woods had an accountability partner in his life then I would not be writing this post right now. If he had someone that new him and new details about his life, someone to say, “What the hell are you doing!”

You’ve heard it said, “Iron sharpens Iron!” Tiger was good with the iron but he had no one that he was allowing to sharpen him on a daily basis!

So, today I want for you to get an accountability partner and create the mindset that you are going to allow them to make you better on a daily basis.

Now back to Tiger…

What did he do to you?  He didn’t do you or I dirty, he betrayed his wife by promising to be faithful to her.

He never promised to be faithful to me or you or anyone else in the public….

Tiger Woods does not pay my bills…but I will allow his situation to make me a better man, father, husband, and person!

And I want to challenge you today to do the same. I want to challenge you to check yourself!  Take some time to look inside you and to acknowledge that we too are not perfect and commit fallacious to our loved ones.

Tiger Woods whole life is exposed because of who he is…


What if someone could read your mind…

What if someone could read all your emails…

What if someone could see all your thoughts, actions and read all your text       messages…

Think about it!

Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are in regard to this.

Your Transformation Coach

Coach JC

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