Diet soda- Is it your enemy?- Tulsa Motivational Speaker

Mar 4, 2010 | #Fitness

I get so many emails in regard to this subject. People believe because it is “diet soda that it is ok.

It always amazes me when I see someone order some fast food, biggie size it and then order a diet coke.

diet_sodaJust Say No!

I swear, people have the mindset that drinking diet is going to do their body good.

Not only has diet soda contributed to the obesity epidemic but also could be detrimental to your long term health!

I am here to tell you do not be fooled!

Check out my video on how Diet Soda could be making you fat and keeping you fat!

Feel free to share this video with someone that yo think could benefit from it and remeber as alwyas I love to hear our feedback.

Until next time,

Keep it simple…

Have fun…

and remember,

Your Life Is What You Make It!

Your Transformation Coach

Coach JC

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