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Jan 15, 2010 | #Fitness, #Win in Life

Don’t Be Old and Fat

I want you to think about it…When was the last time that you saw an old fat person? You probably cannot remember. Do you know why?

Because Fat Kills!!! Most people that are overweight do not live a long life.


Don’t let this be you!

Losing weight (body fat loss) seems to be an unachievable task for many people old or young. The older a person grows, the easier it becomes for him/her to gain weight and the easier it becomes for one to believe that it is not possible to lose body fat.

-There seems to be no way to avoid gaining weight with age. Right?

-Your metabolism slows down which means it makes it more difficult to lose weight. Right?

Wrong! The problem is not your metabolism and the problem is not your age. The problem is that as you age it becomes easier to use all of those great excuses that you hear all of the time.

The bottom line is the more people age, the more they tend to get lazy and become more inactive while using these excuses to try to justify it.

So, as you grow older, and stop growing taller I want to help you so that you can stop growing wider.

Yes, Metabolism does have a tendency to slow down as you age and you cannot stop that but you can help control it so that you can still lose body fat. It is not as hard as people make it out to be.

You have heard me say it over and over..It comes down to two things-

Your food and Your exercise…Period!

The easiest way for body fat loss is done by maintaining proper control on food with proper exercise. This will help in maintaining balance of intake of calories required by your body. The excess of calories that we have a habit of taking in are burned by the help of strenuous moments performed during exercise.

You Must Exercise:

Please do not just go and do cardio!


richard simmons

If you want to lose body fat then you have got to include resistance training into your routine.

Body fat loss is done mainly by performing resistance exercises at least two to three times a week. This helps in building muscle at the same time and lean muscle is a necessity for losing body fat.

By incorporating resistance training into your routine you will also be able to tone up those troubled areas which will not only have you looking good, but also improve your overall confidence and personality. We know this is important because most people as they age have a tendency to get a little grumpy.

Now, I am not talking about having to go to the gym and lift a lot of heavy weights. The best piece of equipment that you have is your own body. Use It!

Your Eating..and I don’t mean dieting!

What I have noticed is that mostly people do not keep check on the food that is being eaten due to less dedication and low motivation for weight loss as they get older.

Body loss is an easy process, but at the same time, it can be time consuming. Therefore, you need to have proper goals for attaining body fat loss while planning and preparing are crucial.



If you are one of those people not having time to keep check on your eating habits, then stop complaining about not being able to lose weight. You better also make sure that regular exercise is your answer to resolving your weight problems related to excess of calories since you are not paying attention to your nutrition. Exercise is only one part but is also a necessary for keeping other parts of body fit.

Here is my tip…

Try performing your exercise early morning. We have found this to be very effective if a person can get it out of the way before the busyness of life happens. It is also pretty effective from a physiological perspective because at this early time the carbohydrate and sugar level in your body is alot less so the body tends to look for other sources of energy that is calories accumulated in form of fat.

Losing body fat is not a few days process… It is a process and the only way to see the changes are by staying motivated and staying consistent until the results are seen.

Losing weight may not be the most important factor in your life but it should definitely be a priority. Being overweight leads to numerous health risks and diseases and could take away years of your life.

The best way to achieve your goals and to lose body fat is to get the help of an expert. Get someone to help motivate you and at the same time hold you accountable. nerd_

It amazes me how many people try to do it on their own and are never successful. It also amazes me how so many people trust the advice of someone that is not an expert. THIS IS NOT A FITNESS EXPERT>>>>>

Stop searching for the answers and allow us to help you help yourself experience the results that you desire and deserve. Check out to get your 27 Day Body Transformation Gameplan.

If you are in Tulsa Oklahoma then you have got to check out Tulsa’s #1 fitness program, Bootcamp Tulsa.

Don’t just grow old and FAT!

Your Transformation Coach

Coach JC

Coach JC is a Life coach in Tulsa and does life coaching in Tulsa through motivational speaking in Tulsa OK. Coach JC has been able to reach a large audience and is known as a motivational speaker in Tulsa. His Bootcamp Tulsa Outdoor Fitness Program has been transforming lives. The Tulsa Boot camp now has locations in Owasso, Jenks, South Tulsa, Midtown and Broken Arrow. Jonathan Conneely is dedicated to transforming lives through his latest book The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success.

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