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What does your dream body look like?

What does your dream job look like?

What does your dream man or women look like?

What does your dream life look like?


Growing up I was always called a dreamer…

I dreamed about being a professional basketball athlete and hitting the game winning shot like MJ…

I dreamed about being a professional rapper and mesmerizing the audience from the stage…

I was always a dreamer and would honestly believe that I could do those things that I dreamed of doing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.35.08 AM

When I was young being called a dreamer so often in so many different ways, I began to think that being dreamer was a bad thing.

As I matured and grew up I realized the importance of dreaming… Im not talking about some walking around like your head is in the clouds…

Im talking about THINKING BIG!

Im talking about seeing what you will go and get!

Im talking about pursuing that purpose for your life!


It’s time to awaken the dreamer inside you!

Dream BIG! Being a dreamer will do radical things for your mindset and your belief in what is possible!

Dreaming will get you believing that ANYTHING is possible!

So starting today I want for you to start to DREAM BIG!

Why don’t you have that body?

Why don’t you have that relationship you desire?

Why don’t you live that life you wish and hope for?

If you think it’s not possible or not realistic, then you just think about it and hope and wish but never chase that dream.


Why do you want to dream small? All that will get you is small results!

Why you should dream and dream BIG?

Feel me here…

1. YOU DESERVE IT! – You deserve to be your best and have the best! When you dream BIG you a re saying, “I am worth it!”  “I am valuable!” “I deserve this!”

2. BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CHOICE! – You will dream! So you choose…You will either dream big or small. Every moment of everyday you will have the opportunity to make the world and the people around you better or worse… When you choose to dream BIG the people around you feel it and they start to dream BIG. Dreaming Big is bigger then just you.

3. YOUR DREAM WILL HAPPEN! What you believe you will achieve. Dreaming big allows you to train your mindset to believe.. Start to believe and see that dream come true and your actions will follow. ALL DAY!

Start to dream…. and don’t just dream…DREAM BIG…. and then go and make those dreams a reality!

A dream with no action is just a dream. Put some action behind those dreams and the sky is the limit my friend!

Dreaming of that thing and not doing anything…..it won’t happen.

Dream Big. Do Big.

Here’s your game plan to start DREAMING BIG BABY!

1. WHAT? What is that thing deep down inside that you know you want or need but have placed it on the back burner?

You know that thing you desire so bad but because of fear, guilt, shame, or some crazy reason you just never went and got it…

That thing!!!

2. Start to DREAM about it! Re-awaken it on a daily basis by…






Chase those dreams baby!

You see it? You feel it! Make it real to you right now.

Keep that picture in front of you at all times and don’t stop until you turn that BIG DREAM into a BIG REALITY!


Once you have that dream and see it I want you to ask yourself one last question…

What is the purpose? Why do I have to have that Dream become a reality?

This purpose will continually drive you, keep you motivated, and make this dream real life baby.

A dream without a purpose will just be a dream.

Do you want to DREAM BIG or You want to WIN more in life and Lose more in your weight loss pick up a copy of my book “The Secret to Real Weight Loss Success” and be on your way to WINNING in fitness, nutrition and in life!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.59.34 PM

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