My Top 7 Keys To More Success in Life and Business That I Learned From Competing In My First Powerlifting Meet!- Life Coach in Tulsa

Mar 30, 2011 | #Fitness, #Win in Life

Here are My Top 7 Keys To More Success in Life and Business That I Learned From Competing In My First Powerlifting Meet!


1. Preparation Time is Never Wasted Time!
So many people want results… to make more money, better relationships, more success… but very few people are willing to put the time in to get those results. I have been training consistently for the last 12 years but for this meet I had to train specifically for the meet for the last 9 weeks. It would have been foolish for me to just walk into the meet without preparing. The results that I received were directly correlated to the time I spent preparing leading up to the competition. The time that I disciplined myself to put in so that I could get the RESULTS that I desired. What is it that you truly want? Once you discover that then it is time to come up with the Action Plan that you will execute each day until you get the RESULTS that you desire. This works in business and in every area of your life my friend! Preparation Time Is Never Wasted Time!
2.   Have a GREAT TEAM!
If you want to be successful in life or business you have got to have a GREAT team. In training for my first powerlifting meet I had Team DSD. A team to hold eachother accountable and push eachother day in and day out. This did not end once the meet arrived! Through the entire 8 hours of competition we were there for eachother to assure that not only did we each achieve great results but that ultimately the TEAM was successful!
We pushed eachother in training… to do things that some may have seen as impossible.  In my own life 3 years ago I made a decision to surround myself with those people that could make me better in all areas of my life. I speak with people all the time in my Life Coaching business here in Tulsa Oklahoma that once they learn the importance of their environment change their entire life.
A lot of my success today is contributed to the great TEAM that I have built and the people that I surround myself with on a daily basis!
Who are you allowing to speak into your life on a daily basis? Are those people around you making you better as a person? Is your TEAM better because of you? With the right TEAM the sky is the limit!
3.  Believe in Yourself!
If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. Nine weeks ago I had to make a decision to get mentally focused to not only believe that I could be ready for the meet but go with a chance to set some PR’s and some records.
I have seen so many people create things up in their mind to the point of psyching themselves out. I think this is the number one reason people never achieve their dreams and goals…They talk themselves out of it! So many people give up way before they even start. I had a goal… to perform in my first Powerlifting Meet and to hit some numbers that some may have seen as impossible just 8 weeks ago. What’s my point?
Once you make a decision you want something and believe without a doubt that you can get it, you will find the necessary resources to make it happen!! We see it all the time out at Dynamic Sports Development, training athletes in Tulsa to not only get stronger physically but mentally so that they can accomplish their dreams in athletics and in life! Before You Achieve You Must First Believe!
4.  ABM!
Like my friend, The Secret Millionaire, James Malinchak says- ABM-Always Be Marketing! If you want to be successful in life and business then you have got to know who you are and what you stand for and make sure everyone knows!
TEAM DSD represented at the meet and we set some records but everyone in the room knew who we are and what we do.
Why? ABM! Always Be Marketing! We had our gear with the DSD logo on it, our warm ups, our t-shirts, etc…I also made sure that everyone knew we were coaches which lead them to ask the question, “What do you coach?” Throughout the meet we were friending others on fb, passing out business cards and making sure people knew who we are and what we stand for.
If you know me then you know that I am huge on branding and positioning yourself. I feel like this is the most important and most neglected part of small businesses. Even in your personal life…Who do you want to be known as? What do you want people to think about when they think of you? If you want to succeed in business and in life then you have got to position yourself and then ABM! Always Be Marketing my friend!!
5.  Get Out of Your Mental Comfort Zone!
Training for the meet I had to do a lot to push my body and physically get my body out of its normal training, out of its comfort zone. When you train your muscles and give them resistance they expand and grow. Did you know your mind works the same way? When you give your mind resistance and get it out of its comfort zone your mind will expand
and grow!(I don’t mean your head will get bigger)
What are you doing to get out of your everyday comfort zone mentally?  Are you stimulating yourself so that you can break through what you perceive as capable? For the last 8 weeks I had to set higher standards for myself mentally to achieve and then once I reached those I had to raise the lid just a little higher each time!  Take what you feel are limits in your life, set the bar just a little higher and go and get it! You will find yourself constantly raising the bar just a little higher and you will begin to achieve more! What do you need to think differently about in life? Go get it my friend!
To get those things you never had you have to do things you’ve never done!

6.  Have The Proper Equipment!
You may have heard about my last attempt in the deadlift at the meet and how I missed it at 565 lbs. There are no excuses and I should have locked it out. Did you know my belt gave out on me and broke half way through the lift? On my attempt before that I pulled 500lbs and the same belt snapped on that lift. So why instead of using a different belt did I go and get some painters tape that was lying around and tape it up? STUPID!
I have been using this belt since 2001 and didn’t want to hang it up….It cost me the first place in the meet! So you think I learned my lesson.
Having the proper equipment is crucial in life and in business. You may be like me and be holding on to things that could possibly be holding you back from your greatest success! You know what I’m talking about….
So many people just go through life holding on to baggage from the past that they never get to experience a fulfilled future. That is no way to do it my friend! Others continue to never grow and reach new goals because they are stuck in using the same old, broken down equipment. Starting today be looking for what resources you can use to save time and money to be successful in business and in life. What old piece of equipment or items or things do you need to rid yourself of so that you can get the job done more efficiently…or just get back in the game? Now Is Your Time!


7.   Be Willing To Work Hard and Work Smart!
In training for this meet I worked hard to get the results that I desired. Throughout my life I have worked very hard to be successful and very hard to accomplish those things that I feel I was put on this earth to do.
You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the RESULTS that you want. Hard work and taking action is a must to be successful in life and in business but don’t forget to work smart! I have learned over the years that when you have the right gameplan and work smart that you can work a lot less hard and get even greater RESULTS.
While training for the meet I could have worked hard day in a day out but working smart was strategically planning and structuring my training along with my recovery, supplementation, my nutrition, cutting weight to make the weigh in and the progression so that I could peak in time for the meet.  I had a system that I knew if I followed I would be successful! Are you working to hard and not getting the results that you desire?
I have seen this in the fitness industry for years…Someone trying to lose weight is working out endless hours stuck in the gym thinking the more time they put in the better results they will get. Then they discover Bootcamp Tulsa and realize that you could maximize your fat loss results and maximize your time if you have the right gameplan!
Nothing replaces hard work but why not work hard less of the time and work smart all of the time?
As always I love to hear your feedback, so go ahead and leave me a comment on your thoughts!
Your Lifestyle Transformation Coach!

Coach JC


By Jonathan Conneely, Coach JC , Life Coach and founder of  Tulsa Life Coaching, JJC Enterprises

and Bootcamp Tulsa.

About the author:

Coach JC is a Life coach in Tulsa and does life coaching in Tulsa through motivational speaking, small group coaching and one on one coaching in Tulsa OK. Coach JC has been able to reach a large audience and is known as a motivational speaker in Tulsa. His Bootcamp Tulsa Outdoor Fitness Program has been transforming lives. The Tulsa Boot camp now has locations in Owasso, Jenks, South Tulsa, Midtown and Broken Arrow. Jonathan Conneely is dedicated to transforming lives through his latest book The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success.

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