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Dec 11, 2010 | #Win in Life

What’s up guys!

Today I have a blog post that is going to change YOUR LIFE forever if you allow it to and want it to.

I love what I do but I must admit there is nothing that drives me more crazy then when people don’t take action.

A few blog posts ago I spoke about the Take Action Factor, if you missed that one you need to go and read it.

I then gave you a powerful post, How to set Goals and WIN! If you didn’t do anything after this one then I need to friggin retire!

I got so many powerful emails about how people have used the gameplan that I provided in that post to change their life.

Now I want to show you why that gameplan will work if you allow it to…It’s called The Power of Compounding!

The Power of Compounding


The Power of Compounding is simply… what you do everyday will either work for you or against you.

If you know me then you know that I am  a big “Take Action” guy!

Too many people just wait around instead of taking action.  Today I want to show you why it is so important and really what taking action can do for you!

If you have read my book, The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success, then you already know that the Secret to having anything that you want anytime that you want is your thinking. Once you create the winning mindset you can have anything that you want anytime that you want it!

You see once you change your thinking you will then begin to create the attitude that is needed for success…

and your attitude is what will determine your actions!

You want results? Results are created from your actions.

You want more money?

Better relationships?

Better health?

A better life?

Well I have news for you!

The results that you produce will determine and create your life.

Where do your results come from? That’s right! Your actions!

So, you see why I am so big on taking action!

It basically looks like this:

Your THINKING =(creates)Your ATTITUDE = (creates)Your ACTIONS =(creates)Your RESULTS   =(creates)Your LIFE


Ok, so you are  thinking,  “What does this have to do with The Law of Compounding?”

Well, two blog posts ago I provided you with a gameplan on how to Set Goals and WIN… How to accomplish your dreams.

The last step in the gameplan was to decide on that one, simple, focused, disciplined thing that you were going to do everyday to improve an area of your life or get one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Don’t forget, It all starts with your thinking… That is the secret!

If you don’t change your thinking then the take action and result and life transformation isn’t possible!

That blog post was 3 weeks ago…

If you have been following the gameplan then by now you have dramatically seen your life take a turn in the right direction.

This is called the Law Of Compounding!

This one little thing done over and over after time will multiply to a  HUGE thing.

You see alot of people don’t get this!

We live in such an age of instant gratification and immediate results that people get so side tracked.

Everywhere you turn its the quick fix mentality. The instant this and the instant that!

We expect to see results and we want to see them NOW!

The result-focused world that we live in can really hold you back because that is not how it really works!

You see, that is not how you build your future! That is not how you accomplish your dreams! That is not how success is developed!


Success is a process, not a destination!

and this is what the Law of Compounding is all about!

You see this law is in effect right now and it is either working for you or against you.

You want $1million dollars? Start with a penny!

You want to lose 100lbs.? Start by losing just one pound!

You want a better relationship? Start practicing communication!

Let’s use the money example since I feel it is the simplest way to understand.

Let’s just say that you and me both are 24 years old and both decided that we wanted to be financially well off.

I start putting $2000 away in a fund each year. You wait…

You just don’t get around to it this year, get to busy next year, and the next…you actually don’t get around to it for the next six years.

The difference?

At the 7th year if I just had a 12% on my money for those 6 years I would never have to put another dime in again to have over $1million in the bank when I retire at 65 years old.

You? You didn’t invest those first 6 years and didn’t start until the 7th year…

Are you ready for this?

You would have to continuing investing that $2000 every year until you were 62 years old to get where I would be.

Are you serious??


Now, dont hold me to it on my math but it is fairly close. What I am telling you is that your 6 years of putting it off cost you that much time and money!

This is the Law of Compounding!

It is called The Invisible Result!

Time can work for you or against you in every area of your life.

What area of your life do you want to see improve?

Your health? Your finances? Your relationships? Your Life?

Let me ask you a question then…

What would happen if you just began to each day add one, simple, small, positive action to that part of your life?

Nothing you could see tomorrow…

Nothing the next day…

Maybe not even the next…

But, what happens if you keep adding one more simple, small positive thing each day?

The scales will shift and you will begin to see results and your life will begin to change!

Imagine if you did that one thing each day for the next year….

How about for the next 5 years…

You get my point?!

The Power of Compounding is real and it can work for you or against you!

The more time that you don’t do that one simple thing you will begin to take steps further way from your dreams and goals.

Make the choice today to go back to my blog post, How To Set Goals an WIN, and start today to use this powerful Law in your favor and transform your life forever.

Oh yeah, Its never to late to start!

I believe in you!

As always, I love to hear from you! Leave me a comment on what you are going to start to do or may be doing already so that this law works for you in your own life!

Keep It Simple!

Have Fun!

and Remember,

Your Life Is What You make It!

Your Coach,

Coach JC



About the author:

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