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Nov 15, 2010 | #Fitness, #Win in Life

The Take Action Factor

By Coach JC, Tulsa Life Coach and founder of Bootcamp Tulsa, Tulsa Bootcamp for women  and men.

I get questions all the time in regard to why I believe in the power of the mind so much and why I put so much emphasis on creating the winning mindset.

Well, I know the power it has had in my own life…

I know that once I changes my thinking that I began to experience great success.

I also get asked all the time,  “What made you get so deep into this mindset stuff?”

Well, I will tell you. From reading books like Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ … or from listening to CD’s  like Tony Robbins in my car.

I am constantly reading and listening to material so that I can grow spirituality, physically, mentally and financially. If you know a book that deals with philosophy, psychology, self help, business, health and fitness, etc… Please let me know!

This stuff is everywhere… in fact, I believe we live in an age of information overload. Everywhere you turn people want to tell you how to this and how to that!  Everywhere you turn there is something to do on self help. I enjoy these books but I really believe most of them lack a very important component, The Take Action Factor!

In most of these great books you will find this factor is left out.

So you get done with a great self help book and what happens? You sit around trying to feel good about what you read and what you want in life, but not taking action!

I started to do something about 2 years ago…I literally began to surround myself with successful people. By watching and observing these successful people I began to realize that most of them are success minded individuals! I began to realize that most of these successful people don’t practice any of this mindset stuff. I m not saying they never have…

I realized that most of these people are successful because they created a winning mindset but along with that did something huge. THEY TOOK ACTION!


About 4 years ago I began to picture what I wanted my life to look like. And this is something I preach and have a lot of my clients do.

I began to picture where I wanted my life to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically and relationships.

I would actually pace my office and sometimes lay in bed and visually picture it in my head.

I began to eventually feel like these things were already true and I found myself doing things to make them come true. It was at this time that I began to do something that would change my life forever. I began to take action and began to take little steps each day to get there.

I started to picture a beautiful wife and kids…

A nice huge house…

The car of my dreams…

Successful businesses and great business relationships with the greatest clients and customers…

The financial freedom and freedom of time…

I would be driving in my car and picture these things and imagine how it would feel…

Well guess what, it’s not all true just yet but some pieces are and I am on pace to make sure the others will be.

Everything is happening EXACTLY how I imagined it.

Just the way I pictured it!

The power of visualization… I’m living out those things that I once told myself I would.

imagesDo you think this guy ever took action?!

So this is why I got into all this mindset stuff.

I still read a bunch of books, and still listen to books on CD every minute I’m in the car.

But I know the power of implementation. All this knowledge and information would be useless if I didn’t and do not continue to TAKE ACTION!

What kind of results do you want?

What I am telling you is that what you focus on and begin to visualize will come true if you take action on it.

I have met a lot of positive people that are broke. I have met a lot of mindset junkies that are not happy, healthy and are broke.

Why? Because they never took action!!

Begin today to focus on something that you know you need or want and take massive action until you go and get it!

Like always I would love to hear from you..

Just leave me a comment right here on the blog

Coach JC

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