Who’s The #1 ROCKSTAR?

May 16, 2014 | #Fitness

6 years of commitment.

I want to honor our first 6 Year Bootcamp Tulsa ROCKSTAR!

Drumroll please…

A big congrats to the one and only…

Mrs. Coach JC!

My wife, Jodi!


My wife is our first 6 Year Bootcamp Tulsa Rockstar.


Yes, I’m a little late on this one.

Bootcamp Tulsa’s 6 year anniversary was in March and yes my wife was the first Bootcamper.

Some people say she married me to just get the unlimited workouts…

It’s all good!

My wife is AWESOME!


Her commitment to making Bootcamp Tulsa what it is…


She is my #1 assistant coach!

If you know Jodi, you know that she is SUPER PASSIONATE about what she believes in.

And she believes in Bootcamp Tulsa!

She is the #1 ROCKSTAR!

As a company there are some core values that we stand for…

I am a BIG believer that for a company to be successful, you better know what you stand for!

I am a BIG believer that as a human being to be successful, you better know what you stand for!

I am a blessed man to have a wife that believes in what I believe in and believes in me!


She is a 6 year ROCKSTAR Bootcamper!

I want to congratulate The Bootcamp Tulsa First Lady on not only being a 6 year BcT ROCKSTAR for all the commitment to her health but also for her commitment to helping some many other ladies WIN in their health.

6 years of WINNING and helping others WIN at BcT is AWESOME!


Some people say she just married me for the free workouts…

But I think she loves the suspenders!


She is ROCKSTAR for always listening to me and telling me what I need to hear and not just what I want to hear.


 She is a ROCKSTAR for being an AWESOME step mom to my beautiful daughter Alivia!


She is a ROCKSTAR because… well look at that bullseye! (You would give her what she wants too!!!!)


 She is a ROCKSTAR because she loves family! Besides working and helping run Bootcamp Tulsa, like so many other ladies she does all the big things and little things to take care of our family and the BcT family!


 She is ROCKSTAR because as crazy as I can be when it comes to my nutrition she knows how to enjoy the 10%!



 She is a ROCKSTAR because she makes me look good!

Jodi, congrats on your 6 Year Bootcamp Tulsa Anniversary!

You are an INSPIRATION to me and so many others!

Thank you for being you and being the #1 BcT ROCKSTAR!

Much Love!

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The Bootcamp Tulsa Family

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