YOUR 14 Day Meal Plan… Questions Answered!

Mar 16, 2011 | #Fitness, #Win in Life

I have had a few emails with some questions in regard to the 14 Day Fat Burning Meal Plan so I wanted to go ahead and answer those with the understanding that there are probably other questions…

Please understand that if you just follow the plan how it is with the few guidelines that you will have the most optimal results!

Here ya go…

Carb cycling is not something that I invented. It has been used by thousands of people for a long time now.

Let me give you a little background…

Carbohydrate cycling is something I first experimented with when I was training for my first bodybuilding contest back in 2006. I have heard and read about it for sometime and I knew all the successful bodybuilders where talking about it.

I hated calorie counting and if you know me Im not a fan of diets as people just never can stick to a diet long term. So My goal was to create a plan that I could stick to long term(the 14-16 weeks leading up to my show) that would be effective as there is very little room for error when getting ready to step on stage.

I researched and took bits and pieces to create what I felt would be a great plan for me at the time. I used it for cutting for the show and had great success in cutting fat with it in the short amount of time that I utilized it.

So, after starting Bootcamp Tulsa I new at some point I would want to introduce our clients to “carb cycling” due to the fat burning effect that it brings!

Now you see where my creation of the 14 Day meal Plan came from!

The meal plan is created with the certain foods picked for a reason so it is advised to follow the plan. If you need to make any modifications…. the least amount of modifications the better!

Here are some basic guidelines for you to have success over the next 14 Days:

-Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day

-You will be taking EFA’s(Essential Fatty Acids) daily as focusing on fat is not a big part of the “carb cycling.”The rest of your fats will come from sources like olive oil, flax oil, nuts, and in some of your meats.

-On your High Carb Days make sure that one of the starchy carb meals is post workout.

-The goal is to eat until you are satisfied!

-The other keys to your success are listed on the first page of the meal plan.

– Drink lots of water! You should drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water a day.


Do I have to stick with the days in order or can I mix and match?
There are other ways this can be used but for the simplicity of this plan utilize it how it was developed- high to  low  to no carb days.
How many servings on the veggies? It talks about protein and carb?
Veggies are free game! Eat until satisfied!
On the fruit can you mix and match?
Yes, most of the fruits that are chosen are ones that are low in calories so just be careful to not add to many extra calories by adding in higher calorie fruits!
What is EFA?
Essential Fatty Acids
Shellfish examples ?? All I can think of is shrimp….
Yes, you can mix in other shell fish like crab, oysters, lobster,scallops,etc…
What are your recommendation for protein shake?
100% whey isolate or  raw whole grain sprouted protein. Flavor of your choice!
If your exercising 60+minutes a day do you get a little extra protein or carb or fruit depending on day?
Yes, depending on your activity level you can make a few modifications.  Make sure to get a starchy carb post workout! You can even add another high day into the mix if you are doing a ton of long endurance training. Something like this-
(High, Low, High, No….This way you are getting those Starchy carbs on those long run days!)

If I’m starving or think I’m going to die what should I do???
You should never be starving! You are eating very 2-3 hours. If you are starving it means you are not eating enough at each meal. Just up your intake on your servings of veggies/fruit and protein. You will notice that on the meal plan I never put the amounts of how much to eat at each meal simply because it doesn’t really matter as long as you stay within my guidelines!   So basically,  If you are starving then your portions at each feeding are to low!

Hope That Helps!

Now get YOUR very own copy TODAY!

Have Fun!

Coach JC

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