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I believe this one shift in your mindset can change your entire life.
Do you operate with a scarcity mindset or an ABUNDANCE mindset?

Living a life of scarcity or living a life of ABUNDANCE is a MINDSET! And that mindset is a CHOICE!

The goal is for you to break your scarcity mindset and starting today to create your ABUNDANCE mindset so that you can live a life of ABUNDANCE!

Scarcity = fear
“There is only so much available”
“I might lose it”
“I am desperate”
“I have to hold on to everything”
“I don’t want to spend it”
“There will never be enough”
“I’m afraid of being replaced”
“Times are so tough”
“They are competition and out to get me”

Abundance = Growth & Prosperity
“There is more than enough”
“I will win or learn”
“There are always more options”
“I am open to new opportunities”
“I will invest in me and my future”
“I trust that there is always enough”
“If it doesn’t work out there is a better one”
“This obstacle is a great opportunity”
“I look for partners and opportunities to collaborate”

The scarcity mindset leads to low self-worth and a series of emotions that limit who they are and who they can become. They live a stressful life, a life of an emotional rollercoaster, always fearing change, heightened anxiety, one of frustration, anger, and resentment. With this mindset, the glass is always half empty and they find ways to play the victim. They think so small, are scared to take risks. They hate to see others win and are always looking for ways to criticize others because they feel threatened and intimidated which leads to missed opportunities.

When you live in an ABUNDANCE mindset you live with peace, joy, happiness, and live to give. You believe that your best days are in front of you and there are endless opportunities. You live
with an attitude of gratitude and freedom on a daily basis. You
see the glass as half full, not attached to the outcome, and
focused on new opportunities. You believe in contribution and
giving and celebrate others’ WINNING.

Make the decision today that you are choosing the ABUNDANCE
mindset over the scarcity mindset. Making this decision will allow
you to take the necessary action on a daily basis to break your
scarcity mindset and WIN. Starring today you will need to renew
your mi
nd on a daily basis. This is a shift in your beliefs and
stories that have been created over the years.
Focus less on you and your problems and more on others. Focus
your time, finances, energy, passion, and love on helping others
WIN. Shifting your focus on others winning will take your focus off
of your problems and as you serve others you will start to believe that your life is bigger and greater than just you.



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