Allison Carr found BcT to encompass all the things she believes in!

Nov 29, 2017 | #Blog, #Homepage, #Win in Fitness

Allison Carr is 34 years old and mostly stays home with her kids but does some design work here and there when she can. Technically she has been apart of BcT since January 2016, but she took a few months off to have Baby #3.

Allison’s favorite aspect of BcT is the focus on getting her body in shape and healthy for the right reason. She explains, “The reason is that we were made to honor our bodies through healthy living, which obviously includes exercise.”

Knowing that every morning when she goes to BcT that it is going to be a good day is what keeps Allison coming back to BcT. She says, “Coach JC always says ‘body right, mind right’, and that is exactly how I feel when I approach the day after my workout. However, I would add: Heart right, nutrition right, marriage right, parenting right…obviously workout with BcT does not ‘fix’ ALL of these things for me, but it definitely sets me up for success.”

Allison has absolutely seen results since attending BcT. She wanted to jump start her metabolism after having Baby #2. Then she got pregnant a couple of months later and continued to workout through her third pregnancy. She shares, “My body handled that pregnancy better that it had for the first two. Labor and delivery was easier, and my body healed much more quickly. And as an added bonus, I missed my friends at BcT so that was motivation to get back at it as soon as I felt ready. Now I am nine months Post Baby #3 and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been at this stage.”

Allison shares how BcT has changed her life: “I have finally found a workout that encompasses all I believe in and it’s such a gift. The women I workout with encourage me both during workouts and throughout the week in different ways. I no longer have to think about “fitting in” my workout, and for that matter my quiet time with the Lord because I wake up, workout, and then have my quiet time, all before my kids are up…..such a blessing.

Sleep and energy are both things that are non-negotiable for Allison at this stage in her life with three little ones at home. She says, “Because of BcT, I get more of both, which means I can keep up with my kids all day long.”

Allison’s advice if you are considering joining BcT: “Oh man…just start! You have to start somewhere. I love the phrase ‘don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle or end,’ and that’s how I especially feel about fitness. Just start. And come back the next day. And then just come back again. And alas, you hooked and on your way to a healthier you.

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