BcT gives Kim Owens energy!

BcT gives Kim Owens energy!

Kim Owens is 41 years old and is the Director of Sourcing and Continuous Improvement at Bama Companies.

Kim just recently celebrated her five-year anniversary with Bootcamp Tulsa. Kim loves how others (the veterans) push her, and adds “J.C. is a great coach.” As one of those veterans, Kim is a great cheerleader and encourager for others.

What keeps Kim coming back to Bootcamp Tulsa? It is the results that she has seen and the friendships that she has developed. She has been a long time runner and used to run everyday before she joined Bootcamp but says, “Never did I see the definition in my body like I have now.” Kim only runs once a week now but attends Bootcamp at least four days a week.

The change Kim has seen in her life: “Bootcamp gives me energy!” Even though it is a very early start to her day, she says that if she doesn’t go to Bootcamp, her energy will not be sustained throughout the day and into the evening. She enjoys being more fit. Kim has nine-year-old triplets, and this gives her more energy to keep up with them.

As we welcome newcomers to Bootcamp this month during our Change a Life campaign, Kim offers this advice: “Just keep going, you will eventually see results. Buddy up with someone that is as committed and at the same or greater intensity level as you are. Pay special attention to your diet.”

Bootcamp Tulsa’s Change a Life Challenge event is on Friday, October 3 at 6pm at Christian Chapel. Thank you to The Vintage Pearl for supporting this amazing event benefitting Royal Family Kids Camp!


The Vintage Pearl is the #1 when it comes to handstamped jewelry and made up of great people and a great vision. Thank you to everyone at The Vintage Pearl for helping us CHANGE LIVES this month!


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