BcT Has Amanda Caperton Upgrading Her Life

BcT Has Amanda Caperton Upgrading Her Life

Amanda Caperton, 39 years old, has had an amazing journey with Bootcamp Tulsa so far. Amanda has been a part of BcT for 3 ½ years and has had incredible results. BcT has changed Amanda’s life and made her a stronger person, mentally and physically.

“BcT has taught me how to regain control of my life and I am now at my highest fitness level in several years. BcT has taught me how to make lifestyle changes that have forever impacted my life. I am more mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically fit than ever before. Life situations no longer dictate my life; I now dictate how life situations will play out! I now have control of my life, success, and happiness with the help of my coaches and fellow bootcampers!!! I will be forever grateful for the support of my coaches and fellow bootcampers!!! Thank you so much for believing in me when I was not capable. You have truly brought me to a new level in life and I am grateful!” said Amanda, a pediatric physical therapist.

BcT has really been a comfort place for Amanda and has made her feel like a new women. The coaches have pushed her to do her best, which have led her to see amazing results and become more fit.

“The results I have gained from BcT are a 25lb weight loss, which led me to go from a size 10 to a size 2! I also lost a large amount of inches!” said Amanda. “I now have more energy to interact with patients at work, interact with my children, and I have started taking Karate with my son, due to increased physical and mental wellness.”

Since Amanda started coming to BcT, she has found a family that holds her accountable for coming back. Although everything about BcT is Amanda’s favorite, the bond she has found is her number one.

“My favorite aspect is the amazing coaches and the BcT women!!!!” said Amanda. “Not only do the amazing women keep me coming back, but the amazing and challenging workouts!”

Since BcT has impacted Amanda’s life in many ways, she would like to share some encouraging words and advice to those that are thinking about joining BcT.

“Words of advice… If you have ever struggled at achieving fitness goals, attempted numerous diets but always gain it back, or have not quite achieved your goals, BcT is for you. It does not matter your level of fitness because all levels of fitness can join. Just embrace the interactions with coaches and fellow bootcampers and your life will be forever changed!! Believe in yourself and you will achieve your fitness and life goals because you deserve it and are completely worth it!!! Everyone is worthy and deserving to achieve his or her optimal fitness level if you just put yourself to it. It may seem like you have to overcome huge mountains, but just be patient!! Those mountains will become little hills and you will be amazed what you are able to accomplish with your coaches and fellow bootcampers. We are a family with a common interest… to help you achieve your best and conquer your goals. Believe in yourself, or believe in this amazing program until you are able to believe in yourself. We have all been there and are ready to cheer you on to achieve your goals. Who LOVES you???? Bootcamp Tulsa LOVES you!!! Get ready to change your life forever!!” said Amanda.

To learn more about Bootcamp Tulsa or to sign up, call 918-528-4296.

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