BcT has answered Lydia’s prayers

Jul 16, 2014 | #Blog, #Fitness

Lydia shares her story…………..

My name is Lydia Thomas I am 34 years old. I have been with Bootcamp Tulsa going on three years and have a desire to see lives change for the better!

Spiritually, I have always been drawn with a deep desire to the Lord, but in the back of my thoughts I felt as a failure when it came to my life.

Who am I?

This question came answered when I thought the Lord was going to take my daughter from me here on this Earth because I felt I wasn’t able to care for such a gift as Audrey who was diagnosed with Full Trisomy 18 as a baby.

That’s when I heard the Lord’s voice as clear as day. Here is my testimony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qmJz7YusXo.

Fast-forward to 2009, I was invited to Bootcamp Tulsa by a wonderful friend, Stephanie Brown. It was one of MY (meaning for myself moments) most favored years, but due to my daughter’s health needs, I had to put my life on hold and completely focus on her life. This was never a burden; it was my honor to do so. However, that was the break that began to wear on me physically. I had put on about 20lbs and was feeling lost and not believing in myself. I put everything I had into my daughter’s life as she needed me and needed my voice to fight for her. That’s when the Lord saw me out of balance and brought me one of my life’s greatest blessings. Yep, I said one of my life’s GREATEST blessings! I saw a little ad that talked about Bootcamp Tulsa. Man, that brought me incredible joy – I remember a happiness that filled my heart. It was Coach JC’s Christian Weight Loss Success Program for 25 BUCKS! I was super excited!!! I started the Christian Weight Loss Success Program that next week.

When I walked in the door there was Mrs. Beautiful Conneely who always carries a poise that’s beyond classy. She hugged me and said, “Where have you been girl?”   I felt so at home seeing her. Then Mr. Beautiful Conneely greeted me with the famous High 5…I was pumped! That time was amazing and at the end of that incredible class the Conneely’s told me to get my booty back to the Jenks Bootcamp! So what did I do?…I listened!

Walking up to Jenks Bootcamp is like a shot of coffee and oh how I love my coffee! The ladies are incredible, we have all ages there and each one with a story of victory and things they are overcoming. As I worked out with them, I began to hear about their lives, dreams, desires and I thought we’re all here for the same reason! That’s where the Lord spoke to me clear as day, but this time it was out of the mouth of our very own Coach JC:


I about fell over while doing pushups, or maybe I was exhausted…. (lol)! But, seriously, I felt it was the Lord speaking through Coach JC. I hadn’t told anyone of that word I kept in my heart. In the last 2 1/2 years, we have become great friends at Bootcamp Tulsa. We pray after workouts, thanks to the incredible Jenny Hudspeth being bold enough to ask if we could start this daily. Coach JC approved 100%. So, at the end of every workout we thank the Lord for how great he has been to us. We thank him for our coaches, and how thankful we are for each other and pray for one another’s family. The Lord also sent me another blessing!  He gave me a dear friend, but also a helper for my daughter. Her name is Amanda Caperton, a fellow Bootcamper! You see my daughter is 100% dependent upon me in this season of life we’re in, but due to this incredible friend, Audrey is finding freedom to move and not be bed ridden. Amanda has taught me so much. I had no idea I was working out at BCT with Audrey’s soon to be Physical Therapist…I even talked to Amanda on the phone before she came to my house, and we didn’t put 2 and 2 together. It wasn’t until I opened my door to see the most incredible face and we laughed and hugged. Best surprise I’ve had!

Bootcamp Tulsa also brought a person into my life that I had been sharing my life with from over the phone…..my beautiful friend Vanessa Clark. Vanessa is a jewel; spiritually she has been the voice on the other side of the phone. We had talked for two years without ever seeing each other. You see I met Vanessa by phone because word had gotten out that the Lord completely healed her son of blindness. Why was that important? Well that’s what I believe for my daughter, complete and total healing. Vanessa was my warrior prayer buddy. That first day we talked, we were set as friends for life and I’ve never stopped talking to her. So when I told Vanessa I joined Bootcamp Tulsa, she yelled, “Oh my gosh I’m going there next week for a free trial!” I asked what camp, she said, “JENKS!!!” I yelled, “Oh my gosh we get to finally meet!!!!” Bootcamp has opened our friendship to great levels. I love my mornings that I get to see Vanessa, AKA The Machine! She’s a BOSS on the field (LOL). That chick can move like a Bob Cat!

Bootcamp has become one of my answered prayers, for me I can tell you I am so happy with not just my body but also the positive thoughts of who I am. It’s a blessing for my friendships. These ladies hold me in prayer, as I hold them in my prayers as well. Bootcamp has helped my family as my husband and sons joined their men’s program at DSD and have father son workouts 3 times a week. And then for my daughter Audrey Belle to experience the gift of Amanda to help her! Who knew Bootcamp Tulsa had more to offer than I could ever dream, imagine or realize? That $25 ad changed my life and I am forever grateful!!!!

So to anyone thinking of joining a fitness group, join one. But to anyone wanting to unlock incredible blessings and see what the Lord is doing in the Bootcamp family, join us!!! Let’s take fitness and add the spice of life to it! Bootcamp Tulsa can be one of your greatest keys to walking out your journey in this life. It’s not just a morning workout but also a life-changing workout with incredible people.



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