BcT is Corina Parker’s coffee in the morning!

Oct 22, 2014 | #Blog, #Fitness

Corina Parker is 24 years old and just celebrated her one-year anniversary with Bootcamp Tulsa in September. She works in the shipping department at The Vintage Pearl and has been there for four years.

Corina’s says her favorite thing about BcT has to be the atmosphere and says the coaches set the tone for the workout by showing up pumped, encouraging, and ready to rock it everyday! This is contagious, and all the bootcampers follow. She says, “I work out with the Jenks girls, and they are so tough and competitive. If you are struggling at least one of them is right there cheering you on and telling you that you are capable of doing much more than you even think.” This atmosphere plus tremendous results are what keeps Corina coming back.

Since starting Bootcamp, Corina has lost 17 ¾ inches and 16 pounds and has gained quite a bit of muscle. She adds weight lifting at home along with her BcT workouts. BcT has changed more than just her physical appearance. Her confidence has shot WAY up! She says she has done things at BcT that she probably would not have tried before, and as a result, she pushes herself harder than ever before with both weight lifting and some personal long terms goals she has set for herself.

Corina has increased energy since joining BcT and says the worst days are when she forgets to set her alarm. She says, “BcT is my coffee in the morning.”

To a potential new member, she shares that BcT is the whole package:

• Workouts are awesome.
• Nutrition Accountability Page is where you can encourage each other, share progress, ask questions, and get correct answers from coaches and certified nutritionist.
• Friendships definitely make the workout more enjoyable.
• Classes are offered so you can become more knowledgeable about health and fitness.

Corina had a body comp analysis at one of the BcT events and just returned to check it again and had lost 8 pounds of pure fat since April with no muscle mass lost. Nice to see on paper since coaches often say, “Throw your scale away.”

New Campers: Write your vision; Make it a plan; Keep pictures and goals in front of you to inspire you; Surround yourself with positive people; Weed out the downers in your life; Celebrate small victories. Corina’s advice, “Count the cost and don’t give up! To become the best version of you, you have to be willing to sacrifice what you want now for what you want most….and BcT helps you do just that!”

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The Bootcamp Tulsa Family

Bootcamp Tulsa’s Change a Life Challenge event was on Friday, October 3. Thank you to The Vintage Pearl for supporting this amazing event benefitting Royal Family Kids Camp!


The Vintage Pearl is the #1 when it comes to handstamped jewelry and made up of great people and a great vision. Thank you to everyone at The Vintage Pearl for helping us CHANGE LIVES this month!


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