Oct 19, 2020 | #Blog, #Homepage, #Personal Branding

My goal was always to create a movement that changed people’s lives! And I believe you can do the same no matter what your Purpose Driven Personal Brand is. People have built movements, companies have built movements, and there are both positive and negative movements. There are religious movements, political movements and movements in every feasible way within The Big 3 Markets of Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Every movement has a leader, they have an opportunity for their people and they have a few things that unite the people, create a tribe, a culture of WINNING, it’s called a cause.

This is when you truly create a Purpose Driven Brand. When you create a brand that not only makes you money, but you create a movement around what you love doing and you change lives for the better forever!

This is when customer and clients become your greatest marketing as raving fans with big mouths, shouting your name and brand from rooftops. You build a following, a tribe, and repeat clients/customers that are loyal and lifetime family members of your brand.

So, let’s get into how you can create a Purpose Driven Personal Brand that turns into a movement?

You Must…

Have A Leader. This is the person that is passionate about the brand. In building your personal brand, THIS IS YOU! You are the leader! You are the attractive character!

Become Very Clear On The Problem You Will Solve. – The pain you are helping them stop, the hell you are pulling them from.

Be Crystal Clear On The People You Want To Serve and Help Them Solve This Problem. This is your dream customer/client. Your avatar!

Create An Irresistible Offer. This is the opportunity you are providing them. Sell It. Become great at selling YOU, Your Brand and Your Offer.

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