Dec 30, 2014 | #Blog, #Fitness

Think Bigger!

What you expect from yourself is what you will get.

Expect Big Things – Get Big Things!

You must change your thinking before you can change your body.


Begin to expect big things in your life.

So many people settle in their mind for so little.

If you think you got the best you could get, lost as much weight as genetics allows, or can’t make more money because you are the highest at the company, your mindset is what is limiting your potential.

It is time to take the limit off your life!


Remove the lid!

You can lose more weight!

You can get a better job!

You can have a better marriage!

You can make more money!

You can have the body you always wanted!


Stop limiting yourself!

You have so much more potential than you give yourself credit for.

You have to believe in yourself.

Some people dream and believe bigger than imaginable……they also step then into what they believed!


“Fake It Until You Make It!”

Want to be healthy? Act like you are healthy.

Want to be fit? Act like you are fit.

Want to change where you are in life? Start faking it until you make it.

Act how you would act if you were already there.

You will believe you are there, and when you are there, you will just walk right into it and already know how to act.

Think bigger than you have and don’t limit yourself any longer!


Start to Fake it Until You Make it! Think as Big as you Possibly can!

Do you want to start THINKING BIG and have a WINNING Mindset or You want to WIN more in life and Lose more in your weight loss pick up a copy of my book “The Secret to Real Weight Loss Success” and be on your way to WINNING in fitness, nutrition and in life!

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