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The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory.

— Vince Lombardi


Right now I want for you to think about a time that you’ve been knocked down…

You know…

A time when you got hit…

A time when you faced a challenge that turned you upside down…

A situation that at the time seemed like it was all over…

That time where you felt it was the end…

The time the bank account was empty and the bills were due…

That time there was no food in the refrigerator but the kids were hungry…

That injury…

That report…

That call…

That text…

That news that shook you to your knees…

You may be in one of those situations right now in life.


We all have one of those times… if not many of those times.

That time you felt like you got hit by a train!

That deep pain…

That crazy overwhelming sadness…

The feeling of thinking death would be better…

That time when your emotions where so turned upside down…

The pain, the guilt, the shame, the fear…

The oppression, the depression…

The hurt…

The questioning of “Why me?” or “How did this happen?”

“When’s it gonna end?”


Personally, I can’t even count all of the times that I’ve been knocked down in life.

People see me now and how I am blessed to help others WIN in life and they think I always was like this…like I always had it like this…

Come on! REALLY?!!

I can tell you that I’m able to do what I do today and help people WIN because of those knock downs in my own life!

I remember those times at a young age that myself my mom and my sis visited local food pantries to gather groceries so we could eat..

The time that we lived in a shelter…

A friggin shelter!

The season of our life that we lived in a basement…

I can go on for days!!

In 2002 I laid face down in a 600 sq ft apartment in a severe depression contemplating if I wanted to go on with my life…

At 22 years old in the fight of my life to be a father…

Talk about being knocked down!

I was down… But I WAS NOT KNOCKED OUT!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.44.44 PM


Now I want you to do a complete 360…

Think about the time after you got up…

Think about when the storm was over and you OVERCAME

Think about after you went THROUGH IT and CAME OUT on the other side.


So many times in life we get knocked down… but you are only knocked out if you choose to be.

We look back at these situations and dwell on the bad and may even look at them as times of failure in our life.

Failure is only an option if you don’t finish…

If you quit!

So today I want to give you a gameplan…

The same gameplan that helped me and so many others OVERCOME!

The same gameplan that  will help you to not be knocked out when you get knocked down!

There is power in having the RIGHT game plan.

Don’t wait until you are knocked down to go and search for a gameplen…

Practice GETTING UP everyday from even the small things in your life so that you are ready when the knock down comes.

So what does it take when you are knocked down to GET UP and WIN?



Ask yourself that question right now!

Check it out… every action you take everyday lines up with who you believe you are.

We act in a certain way because that is who we believe we are.

So, how do you see yourself? Are you crazy? Are you fun? Are you driven?

It comes down to WHO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE.

Who you believe you are will determine what you believe you can do!

WHO ARE YOU? What do you stand for? What are you about?

Many times we get knocked down because we compromise who we are or we allow others to determine who we are for too long that we eventually just accept it.

Who you are will determine what you go and get.

So WHO ARE YOU? What are you here to do on this earth? What are you here to create… What are you after…. What is it that excites you?

You will live each day the way that you view yourself.

I’ll never forget reading, years ago, in one of Tony Robbins books about identity… knowing who you are and why this is crucial to your success…. It was powerful!

So what’s your identity?

When you truly know who you are, you can stand up anywhere at anytime and confidently say… “THIS IS WHO I AM!!”

When you define this no one can take it from you…No situation…no knockdown…nothing!

So GET UP and know WHO YOU ARE!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.17.32 PM



For too long we accept limitations in our life… the limitations that we place on ourselves or that we allow others to put on us.

When you accept these for too long you start to focus on these limitations…

You start to say things and do things not in line with who you are because of these limitations.


Stop focusing on what’s wrong and start focusing on what’s right.


Are you focusing on staying knocked down or GETTING UP?

When I was going through the most challenging time in my life… I made a decision to remove everyone from my life that was negative… anything and everyone that contributed to me doubting, questioning, or lowering my standard…

I was creating who I was and creating my vision and made the choice that nothing was going to stop me from what I was after and questioning who I was.

So starting today… Start to focus on WHO YOU ARE and do what you need to do to make that WHO YOU are the BEST!

I don’t care how you feel at the moment… GET UP and starting to FOCUS on who you are!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.18.24 PM




Now that you know WHO YOU ARE and you are FOCUSING on that I want for you to start to FEEL IT!

Start to OWN IT! Start to allow this new you to be who you are and who you feel everyday.

Get into this new you! FEEL IT!

Create a daily routine that is so cool that creates the feeling of you feeling it.

You can act your way into feeling anything you want at anytime…

You know what I mean…

Have you ever wanted something so bad but knew you couldn’t have it?

Even though you couldn’t have it you started focusing on it… you started doing things to get it…


and eventually overtime you started to feel like you had it or it was a part of your life… or at least you could have it.

You acted your way into feeling the way that you conditioning yourself to feel.

Crazy? Yes! Does it work? Yes!

Start feeling it!

OWN IT! Do something crazy in your life, in your marriage, in your business…

Something that is going to get you to start to FEEL being this new you!

What you choose to do behind close doors is who you will be out in the open…

You will get what you get in public for what you do in private….

Starting today condition yourself to act in accordance with the new you.

Conditioning yourself to WIN by creating the feeling you want to feel…

You want to be more happy and at the moment you don’t feel happy…

Do crazy fun happy stuff and do it until you feel happy!

Do something that makes you smile!

Every single day I do certain things to assure that I am in a peak state of mind… that I’m on my game… NO MATTER HOW I FEEL AT THE MOMENT!

People say all the time… “I don’t know how Coach JC does it… he’s always on!”

You know why? Because I conditioning myself to WIN by not going by how I always feel.

I have a plan that I execute everyday… no matter how I feel… I condition myself to WIN!

Let’s be real…You don’t feel like getting up when knocked down… you have to choose to…

FIGHT! Push through!

Now is your time to GET UP.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.21.03 PM


Starting today you will decide to go and get it.


You have to turn it up… The intensity has got to be cranked up…



Turn it up!

The intensity…. the standards in your life… your daily rituals… your habits…each day in what you do find a way to turn the intensity up on it!

If you know me or read my blog you have heard of my LAW OF WINNING!

So starting today… Create those mall little victories in your life every single day with your actions.

You are going to start to choose to train yourself every single day to feel how you want to feel.

Look at your life right now and be real… ask yourself…”What do my daily actions look like and are they getting me closer to who I am and being REAL to WHO I AM?”

This is what makes who you are REAL!!

You have to back it up!!

I want to see you WIN… TURN IT UP! GET UP!

Listen to me!!

Failure is not an option… failure just doesn’t happen one day…failure comes from all the little things you choose not to do or those stupid little things that you do overtime that lead to a  big fail.


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.21.47 PM


Focus on the prize and NEVER QUIT!

Allow your vision to expand!

Once you Create the Winning Mindset you will find a way to WIN!

Winners use losses(or those things that may seem like a failure) to drive themselves to become better.

Quitters take losses and use them as excuses to quit.

Make a commitment starting today to WIN and hold yourself accountable to sticking to it.

If you want to discover how to execute The Create the Winning Mindset game plan and never accept failure, pick up your very own copy of my book and start to WIN more as an athlete and in life!

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.48.59 PM

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