DSD brings a lifestyle change for Mark Haney

Oct 15, 2014 | #Athletics, #Blog

Mark Haney is thirty-six years old and is a National Sales Manager. He has been a part of the Dynamic Sports Development for one year.

Mark feels it is hard to narrow the DSD experience into a features and benefits list, and says for him, it has become a huge factor in an overall lifestyle change. He says DSD gives you a great feeling of satisfaction when you complete each day and walk out exhausted but sharp of mind and feeling like you just got better.

Mark has lost weight and toned up and is enjoying the changes in the way his clothes fit (before Under Armour gear was for his sons only!) He loves it when his wife comments on the changes she is seeing. He is eating smarter and it is becoming addictive!

Mark says, “The guys are great, and shockingly there are no egos. Everyone is on their own journey to get better, and all seem to find their own unique roles as we push and encourage each other along to our own paths of improvement.” He says he cannot imagine another coach more in tune with leading a successful program. It is challenging, maybe even extreme at times, but Coach Jaime weaves together a great balance of exercise selection, proper form while training, and overall focus that leads us to seeing results. Having had several sports injuries over the years, Mark finds comfort in the challenging environment and that he is being led through the experience by someone who knows their stuff. This carries a high value factor.

Seeing results makes it contagious for Mark, and when he has to travel and be away he realizes how much fun it is and misses it. He says, “The guys are great, great camaraderie. I cannot imaging getting up and working out that early anywhere else.”

Mark came to DSD wanting to lose weight because it had become uncomfortable to tie his shoes. Now DSD has become his eating accountability partner. When he can come regularly he eats well and see cool results, but when he has to travel and cannot go to DSD for a few weeks, his eating goes with it and his encouraging gains lose a little shine. Mark has struggled with a back injury for twenty years but finds it is better than it has ever been since the injury. He moves around much better and sleeps better. He says, “In summary, DSD just gets you healthy. It becomes a lifestyle, an addictive one…in a good way.”

As a married father of four, Mark finds time to go on a weekly date with his wife, coach his kids soccer teams, attend college, and travel with his job. He says we all have time for what we value. He attends DSD because he wants to be healthy for the long haul….fully engaged in his marriage…..active with his kids……healthy when grandkids come along. He was not a morning person, and it was tough to find a rhythm at first but now cannot imagine starting the day without it. His advice for someone thinking about starting DSD, “Get signed up. Tough it out until you find your routine. It will be a decision that changes your life. Mind, body, and soul…it is a choice that you will not regret.”

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