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For a time in my life, those were the words that I would repeatedly have to tell myself every single morning just to get out of bed… To “WAKE UP JC!”

I was trying to convince myself to do something, that at this time, was the last thing I felt like doing. I would go to sleep at night hoping I didn’t wake up and when I did in the morning I would have to convince myself to “WAKE UP” to get up and get out of bed…

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Fast forward 12 years later…

I get asked ALL the time, “Coach JC, What do you do? What is it that you do to be successful?”


Ok, I ‘m about to give it to you like Kevin Durant giving it to Memphis Grizzlies.

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But before I do let me say this…


Maybe you’re here because you want to WIN more as an athlete on the playing field…

Maybe you want to create more WINS in business…

Maybe you want to lose weight…

Maybe you just want to be more and do more in life…


How do I know that?

Because you were born a WINNER and You Have What It Takes My Friend!

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Now back to, what I do to WIN…

You see, in the beginning I really never thought about what I had to do to WIN.

You see, most of my life I just hustled…

Did whatever I had to do to make it happen.

If it was on the basketball court dropping 1,000 points in high-school or staying up until 3am to finish a paper in college…

I just did it.

That time in my life when I lay face down in my 600 sq ft apartment in Tulsa OK, with very little hope, fighting to be a young father…

I just kept on keeping on.

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Working 2 jobs while cranking to finish a college degree with almost every single penny to my name going to either feed my self or the fight of my life…

I refused to lose.

All I knew was the hustle, the grind…

The fear of losing consumed me while the thing deep down inside of me(the reason I exist) would not let me quit.

At a time when most young men would have quit…I just kept on keeping on.



But going through this down time, a time of desperation and depression…it changed everything.

I was going through a time that forced me to make a decision in life…

One choice…

Will I WIN or lose?

For me it was a matter of LIFE or death.

It was a choice…

and I chose to WIN!

For me playing on a  small field was no longer and option.

Living with guilt and shame was no longer an option.

Coach JC, “YOU’RE SO INTENSE!” I hear this at least once a day…every single day.

Your dang right, I’m INTENSE!

I was knocked down….

It was the 12th round…

The bell was about to ring…

but somehow, someway I got up and fought to WIN.

I went from trying to convince myself each and everyday to, “WAKE UP!”  to WINNING!

So my INTENSITY is about life and helping other’s WIN in life.

It was at this downtime that I started searching for answers on how to WIN.

 So over my next few blog posts I am going to give you what I learned during a time of desperation in my own life.

The things that I did to turn what looked like a severe loss into a WIN and what I continue to do this very day to continue to WIN.

I call them WINNING Principles, WINNING Way’s, The WINNING Gameplan.

During this time of searching I came across a lot of goodness…

and without further ado, here is your WINNING Principle #1:


I’m not talking voodoo here…

I’m talking about the crazy religious daily rituals / routines that I implemented that would make your head spin.

I read a book – The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and like winning the lottery it was a game changer.

It was the power of compounding…

The principle of just doing one, small, simple, focused, disciplined task each and every day and how eventually that will add up to big things!

This one principle can change your life FOREVER…

It did for me!

I personally committed 7 min a day to a bunch of different areas of my life that I wanted more WINS in.

You say, “Only 7 min?”

That’s right!

The power of compounding…

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and just doing that one, simple focused task each day eventually will add up to big things!

You see, 7 min was a HUGE challenge for me. Why? Because I didn’t feel like doing it!

Remember, I was just trying to convince myself to WAKE UP each and every morning!

Don’t underestimate the power of compounding!

ALL successful people understand it, the top athletes do it, the GAME CHANGERS  get it.

The Power of one small simple thing over and over!


The Power of daily discipline!

You get my point…

Stop investing your time and energy in things that don’t matter and start taking some time each day to invest in your  dreams.

You see, this principle will work for any area of your life that you want to create more WINS in!

One small thing, every single day, PERIOD!

This one principle, I guarantee if you allow it to will change your life forever!

It did it for me…

Only 7 minutes!


You Deserve To WIN!

 Coach JC

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