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Oct 29, 2014 | #Blog, #Fitness

Gina Taylor is 34 years old, a mechanical engineer at Cyntergy AEC and has been going strong with Bootcamp Tulsa for 15 months.

Gina shares her untraditional path in life: “I went back to pursue a 2nd degree in a completely different field when I turned 25. So adding up twice the “freshmen fifteen”, twice the late-night fast food runs, and twice the unhealthy meals on a student’s budget combined with no time to exercise between school and 3 jobs ended up equaling a much enlarged version of me that I was not proud of. It was so hard to try to reverse the effects, and I would make excuse after excuse as to why I would never look as good as I did in the past.”

Gina was invited by a co-worker to try BcT. This lady was almost twice her age and worked out with her daughter. Gina thought surely she would be able to keep up. NOT! It was such a shock to her system that she thought she would never keep up and couldn’t do a single burpee without keeling over! She says about those first days, “Although it was intense (and hard, and exhausting), all the ladies were SOOO encouraging that I was hooked. The competitive athlete buried deep underneath layers of bad habits was awakened. I knew that I had found the key to unlock the door to a better future and healthier me.”

Over the course of her time at BcT, she has tried all locations with all coaches. Workouts are different and coaches have different styles, but the one constant Gina finds is the wonderful group of women that are ALWAYS encouraging everyone throughout the entire workout. The veterans are the main reason she comes back day after day. She says BcT is in a league of its own and that is because the members are the best in the area. She says, “You can be painfully sore, thoroughly exhausted, and physically spent, but you’ll always hear someone in the group shouting out words of encouragement to ‘Just do one more’ and ‘Keep going’ ‘and ‘You’re doing amazing!’ The contagious and uplifting spirit removes the ‘work’ out of the workout.”

Gina’s hope when she started BcT was to be able to fit into a pair of pants one or two sizes smaller. She was quite surprised when she jumped from a size 18 to a 9/10 WITHIN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS! She hadn’t even implemented the nutrition plan they always talk about yet. Now after a year some of her pants have a size 6 on the tag. She is thinking if she actually started eating right, she could get results she has never seen before.

Physical changes aside, what she loves most about the program is the way she feels throughout the day. Driving to work, she feels like she can conquer the world. She says, “Who needs coffee when you are on a post-workout high lasting you all day long?”

Her before picture shows the pants she wore during her fateful lunch with Speedy, the co-worker who invited her to BcT. She is thankful for her new looks, but more importantly she has made some great friends and healthier attitude towards her life. She says you can’t find this at your local gym.

Her advice to others: First times are hard – expect it. But come back again. It does get easier. It is too easy to quit, but you are quitting on yourself and will never know what could happen if you give it a fair change. Second try will lead to a third, and before you know it a year has passed and you might not even recognize yourself.

Do it for yourself! Don’t give in to excuses and Do It For YOU!

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