Help Me Name My Whole Foods Smoothie!

Jul 17, 2014 | #Athletics, #Fitness, #Win in Life


If you know me you know that I love my smoothie’s.

There’s something about being able to throw a bunch of goodness into the blender and sipping on a power packed WINNING smoothie!

I have been known to come up with some crazy, delicious, healthy, legit smoothie recipes and that’s why I’m super excited to announce that…

Whole Foods has asked me to formulate my own smoothie.

How cool is that?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.09.40 PM

That’s right!

A WINNING smoothie that can help you WIN and WIN ALL DAY.

Anyone at anytime from here on out can get my new Coach JC smoothie out at Whole Foods at 91st & Yale in Tulsa.

I recently was blessed to spend some time out at Whole Foods tasting, creating and formulating this killer smoothie!

Smoothie with guy

I wanted to create a smoothie that could help you WIN ALL DAY.

So when I  was putting it together I made sure it lined up with The Coach JC Habits of Nutrition for you to WIN.

So where do you come in?

I created this smoothie for you and I want you to be involved…

I want for you to name my Whole Foods Smoothie…

And what better way then to turn it into a fun, healthy competition and give away some cool stuff.


This smoothie is a great one at all times and a killer post workout smoothie to assure your body recovers after a Coach JC, Bootcamp Tulsa or DSD workout.

They even convinced me to do something a little crazy to promote this smoothie.

You will see soon what this is but just to give you a quick hint…

Here ya go!

Smoothie JC

Here is the Coach JC Smoothie Ingredients:

Fresh Squeezed OJ

If you know me than you know that I’m not a big fan of all the fruit juices out there. They have all been altered, flavored, modified with chemicals and mostly just processed crap. I am a fan of the real orange and that is what is in this smoothie, fresh squeezed OJ right there on site at Whole Foods. Bam!

Fresh, raw orange Juice like this is packed with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. The Vitamin C and bioflavonoids makes this one of my favorite powerful antioxidants on the planet. It also contains a sick amount of digestive enzyme and minerals and the effect it has on regulating your blood sugar is a beautiful thing. Just too tease you a little more… Fresh raw OJ provides adrenal and thyroid support and can lower stress levels and boost metabolism.

Coconut Water

If you know me you know I would have coconut somewhere in my smoothie! Coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated and a great boost to get rehydrated post workout. Coconut water has so many benefits  you gotta get you some! Great for digestion, skin  and also a great appetite suppressant that keeps you feeling full. The benefits go on and on from balancing your body’s electrolytes to reducing blood pressure to all the powerful  rich nutrients.

 100% Whey Protein and Greek Yogurt

I’m going to just group these 2 ingredients together as the protein in this smoothie to provide your body with the necessary protein needed to preserve and build muscle while assuring recovery post workout. There are some other great benefits that whey protein and greek yogurt brings but I like it for the protein content along with the digestive probiotics that help with gut health.


Come on Coach JC…avocado in my smoothie? You’re  dang right! I just threw it in to give the smoothie that thick consistency that I was going for… Ok, and there are just a few health benefits. GET YOU SOME HEALTHY FAT BABY! This is one of my go to super foods! I eat 1-2 avocados a day because of all the sick benefits it has… besides being one of the best healthy fats you can get it packs a ton of amazing healthy benefits. There are too many benefits to even list here but google it(everything you read on the internet is true!)

 Spinach , Kale, Cucumber, and Collards

Get you some Veggies! I’m grouping these 4 together as the veggies. They all provide some crazy sick benefits. The bottom line is in the typical American diet we are lacking all the nutrients that we need. These 4 powerful greens I chose for a reason and will give you a boost of the minerals, enzymes, and vitamins that you are probably lacking and need. Looking at this list makes me happy because I know all the vitamins that you will be getting with the Spinach, Kale, Cucumber and Collards. And the protein that these green veggies are packed with are sick! Believe me, you’ll feel it when your sipping on this smoothie!

Banana, Pineapple and Mango

I’m grouping this group together as your healthy power packed carbs. These will assure your body recovers post workout while providing you some sick benefits. So many people give fruit a bad rap. I get that it does contain sugar but in my book as long as you are not overdosing it, the health benefits WAY out weigh the sugar that it contains.  These fruits post workout are actually a GREAT thing and will assure that you replenish glycogen stores so that you properly recover.



If you know my Habits To WIN in Your Nutrition run through the ingredients of this smoothie one more time and look how it measures up…


Ok, so here’s how the contest will work…


1. We will run the contest from today July 17th at 9:30pm until July 22nd(My Birthday baby) at 9:30pm

2. You will need to post over at the Coach JC Facebook Fan Page. I will be making a post tonight at 9:30pm about this contest. You will need to post your Smoothie Name as a comment on that one post.

It’s Coach JC on Facebook, you must like the page to post a comment. Here it is…

3. We will pick the coolest, most relevant, sickest, most legit name that represents the smoothie along with the Coach JC brand.(If you don’t know me get over to my site and get educated  www.COACHJC.COM

4. The WINNER will be announced on July 22nd at 9:30pm and will receive the following PRIZE PACKAGE:

-Bootcamp Tulsa branded t-shirt

-Dynamic Sports Development branded tank

-Coach JC  “WIN ALL DAY”  t – shirt

-Whole Foods $25 Gift Card

-Coach JC’s WINNING MINDSET 5 Disc CD Series

-Your Choice of one of Coach JC’s Books:

(The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success, The Secret To REAL Success, or The Secret To REAL Athletes Success)

-One 15 min Coaching call with Coach JC

-Some extra cool bonuses just because.

and the PRIDE to know that you named the Coach JC Whole Foods Smoothie… BAM!

Let the FUN begin!

Who Loves Ya?

I Do!


Coach JC

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