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This week’s WIN ALL DAY Podcast is Hit Homeruns In Business & In Life.

See, I believe that everyone was born a winner. That you can win. That you will win. That you must win. I believe everyone has a purpose and my goal is to give you what you need to live life with passion, on purpose, and win all day.

You were born a winner. It’s time to create your new story. To do life on your terms. To live a life on purpose with passion and I wanna coach you to do just that.

Once again welcome to the WIN ALL DAY PODCAST SHOW in this episode of win all day.

What’s going on winner? Coach JC here and you are listening to this episode of win all day podcast show.

Do you always need a homerun? Are you swinging for defense? That are our episode for today. I am super excited for you to join us.

Hey, if it’s your first time. then it is time for the win all day winning confession. If your veteran or if your repeat listener, then you know what time it is, baby. Repeat after me. Today is my day. Nothing will get in my way of me being the version of me. I am here on purpose. I have a purpose. I am strong. I am passionate. I am fearless. I choose faith. I was born a winner. I will win and win all day. Yes, you were born a winner and you will win and win all day.

Hey, are you swinging for defense? Are you always trying to hit homerun? I’m not talking about sports. I am talking about life.

It’s all good to dream big. It’s all good to have goals and dreams and ambitions. But, when I found there are a lot of times people swing for defense. They wanna hit the homerun. And when the homerun doesn’t happen, they got discourage, they give up and they quit.

I don’t want you to lose. I want you to win. So many times people lose because they step up for the plate of life and expecting it to homeruns on their first bat. And when they don’t hit the homerun, they think it’s not for them. They get discouraged. They get burned out.

Maybe it wasn’t me. Maybe it wasn’t for me. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. I will say this as an individual. What if it is not a homerun? What if the move you made doesn’t end up to be a homerun?

In order to get a homerun, you have to step up to bat.That’s step 1. If you want to have a homerun , if you want your dreams, goals and ambitions, and if you want to win any in your life, you’ve gotta first step up and get into the plate. You’ve got to allow yourself in opportunity to win.

Step 2 is you’ve got to swing. So you just can’t step up to the plate and not swing. You’ve got to have tips in hitting the ball. The only way to hit homerun is to hit the ball. So you got to get tips. How many times you step on the plate? How many times are you having tips on swinging the bat. Opportunities after opportunity. How many times are you trying? How many times are you doing? How many tips are getting? So that you have the potential possibility to hit a homerun.

Then, even when you hit the ball. You make contact. There are two ways to hit a homerun, guys. The first way is you can hit a homerun where you hit it and you knock it out the park and it goes over the fence. The second way is you can hit the ball and it can still be in the ball park. Then, you are sprinting and making way around the bases and your making home base in a sort amount of time before they can call you out. That’s a homerun. But it doesn’t matter which way. It still counts the same.

When you step up to bat in life and your swinging it hoping to hit homeruns. And when you do hit a homerun, what is the umpire gonna do? Does the umpire say “Hey, great job. You hit a homerun and just sit in the dugout and I’ll count the point for you.”? No! Guys, hear what I’m talking right now. No matter which way you hit a homerun in order for the homerun to count, you still have to put your bat down. You still have to do the work and you have to make your way around the bases. You have to go in touch the first base, leave the first base and then touch the second base. Your feet basically have to touch the bases in order to count as a homerun. You have to go touch the third base and you come home and touch the home plate. Then, it is a homerun.

If you don’t a homerun on the first attempt, what are you gonna do? You better make a decision right now. That is okay if you didn’t get a homerun. Maybe, I hit a single. Maybe, I hit a double. Maybe I hit a triple. But, here’s the nonnegotiable, I’m gonna make it to the home base. Home base is my goal. My dream. My vision. My calling. My destiny. I don’t know if it is singles after singles. I don’t know if it is gonna be after a couple of strikeouts. I don’t know if it is gonna be a couple foul balls. I don’t know if it is gonna be a couple of doubles. I don’t know if it is gonna be a couple of triples. I don’t know how it’s gonna happen. But, I am determined and I am on a mission that I’m gonna do the work. I am going to swing for defense. I’m gonna believe. I am gonna dream big. But, I do not get discouraged if I didn’t hit the first attempt. I’m gonna keep stepping up to the plate.

Hit Homeruns In Business & In Life‪!‬

Listen to this weeks episode now so that you can live with PASSION, on PURPOSE and WIN ALL DAY…https://winallday.libsyn.com/episode-92-hit-homeruns-in-business-in-life

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