Jeenie Teeter — “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”

Jul 1, 2015 | #Blog, #Homepage, #Win in Life

Jeenie Teeter is 41 years old and the wife of Andy Teeter (21 years in August) and mother of two beautiful girls (Gracie 14 and Mattie 10). She has been a Tulsa Firefighter since August 2008 and a part of Fit First Responders since April.

Jennie loves the group workouts and the inspirational words offered by the coaches at FFR. She has grown very fond of the closing prayer time! She says, “The positive influence and accountability that this group provides is such a delight. “ She has pushed herself farther than she ever imagined she was capable of in the fitness realm. She enjoys the encouragement of the fellowship that this program offers and also enjoys encouraging others to strive for things beyond what they feel like doing in the heat of the moment. She adds, “Most of all I am loving the results that I am seeing not only in myself, but her husband (who is also a firefighter participating in FFR) and her FFR family.”

The 25-week commitment Jennie made to the program keeps her coming back. She strives to finish what she starts with everything in her life. She says, “I feel like it is so easy with FFR because it is tough some days but the rewards are awesome. All of the exercises are made fun with the pushes from the coaches!”

Besides being called “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” by some of the FFR Coaches, Jennie has dropped some pounds and can wear medium shirts again. She is down to a size 10 fitting loosely, and friends and family have been asking her what is going on. Her eating habits are better, and she looks forward to working out every day she can. She says, “I love sharing my success with folks that ask and encouraging them to get moving!”

Jennie is not only stronger and more confident in her physical body, but she is much more mentally focused on a healthy lifestyle. She says, “I’ve learned that diets fail but making yourself plan and prepare makes a person able to control his or her destiny.”

Jennie knows now that her body can do more than she ever gave it credit for in the past and looks at every exercise thrown at her with an open mind and willing body to give it a try. She explains, “It has been challenging at times, but I have been able to conquer and try everything the coaches have asked of me. I have noticed an increase in my energy and ability to work harder and longer than I was able to in the past!”

Advice for someone beginning FFR would be that the biggest step is participating in that first workout. Like the Coaches say, “Leave everything at the front door and focus for excellence!” You take each exercise in and of itself and do it as dedicated as you physically and mentally can. Then when you move to the next one, clear your mind and do the same for that one. She says, “Before you know it the class is ending and you say, ‘Is that it?’ I love the push that FFR gives you each and every time I walk through the door.”

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