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Power is a powerful thing my friend!

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were powerless?

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You know what I’m talking about…

You may feel in control in all other areas of your life… but there’s that one area you just feel powerless in.

You may even feel exposed or even vulnerable in that area…

We’ve all been there. You may be saying, “Coach JC, I feel like that in many different areas of my life!”

There are some things in this life that are not in our own power, so as human beings it’s natural to want to have power over as much as we can.

And when you don’t… it gets too be a little uncomfortable.

So in this post I want to show you how YOU CAN GET THE POWER BACK IN YOUR LIFE!


Is power about having a title? No!

Is power about having control over others or situations? No!

Having title or a responsibility to lead others or situations is not power… it’s a freakin HONOR!! It’s a privilege! Its a responsibility!

What is Power?

 Power is living everyday like you really mean it.

Living with purpose.

Power is about waking up each morning with a glow! With a fire to go out an WIN!

It’s about laying your head on the pillow at night with an unwavering peace of mind!

You can have the Power!


If you need a little motivation here is one of my all time favorite jams…

So many people are stuck…

Stuck in a job they hate…

Stuck in a marriage they hate…

Stuck in a body they hate…

Some people even feel like they got all the power in these areas and life seems good… and then BAM!

Something comes around… an unexpected opportunity… that opens your eyes and makes you say…

“WAIT! Am I really missing it?”

“Am I living everyday like I really mean it?

“Am I living with purpose?”

Do I have the POWER?

In the life coaching business I meet with people all the time with crazy busy schedules… their life is jammed packed with work, family, friends and all the craziness of life…

A life that would make your head spin from the outside seeing all the goodness…

and they come to me because something is missing from their life.

Have you ever felt like something is missing from your life?

You’re not alone! I’ve been there!

You know why?

Simple…The power has been taken away!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.35.52 PM

So what steals our power?

It is called…


Emotions are a crazy thing!

Sometimes even a scary thing!

You know why?

Because they can make us feel powerless.

Often times people are so afraid of their emotions that we allow this fear to create crazy problems in our lives.

and these problems come in all different shapes and sizes…that lead us to this deep down issue always being the same…

The feeling of the lack of power!

The lack of control!

And this lack of power can create this crazy distress in our life…

You start to do things you normally wouldn’t do.

You start to say things you normally wouldn’t say.

You start to even question if you have any power left.

and that deep dark thing that is holding us back, making us feel powerless is and are those feelings…those EMOTIONS!

You know like those little things people like to use on emails and texts (Im a Jersey boy so I don’t mess with those things…)

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.40.29 PM

So many times our capability to be who we truly are … our ability to fully be the person we were created to be has been controlled and held ransom by the emotions and fear.

and this fear is what many times is keeping us from a better life.

I want for you to HAVE THE POWER!

“Am I living everyday like I really mean it?

“Am I living with purpose?”

It could be the desire to experience true love, joy, peace, happiness or teen fully express the emotions of anger, sadness, or surprise…

Don’t be afraid of your feelings…


Don’t let them control you!

So, where do you find power when you feel powerless?

You know!

So that you can LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

People perish for the lack of the RIGHT Knowledge!

You’ve heard it before…

Knowledge is POWER!

So here is your 4 step gameplan to take the power back!

(1) RECOGNIZE! Become aware of and learn to recognize feelings–anger, sadness, joy, love, fear, guilt/shame, surprise, disgust.

(2) MASTER! Create coping mechanisms and have gameplan to not allow the feelings to control you and to keep the fear to a minimum.

(3) FEEL IT! Let the feelings be real and know that they are real BUT right now make the choice to not go by how you feel. ACT the way you want to feel!

(4) EXPRESS YOURSELF! Express those feelings my friend. Put those feelings into words and with crazy confidence  communicate them to someone that cares, someone that doesn’t care or even a stranger.

Wherever you are at, in any area of your life you have got to take back the power!

To do so you must have the right information.

If it’s losing weight… what right information do you have to have?

Maybe it’s an entrepreneural dream to start a company… what right knowledge do you have to have?

Maybe it’s to make a decision right now in your life that is a challenge for you to make… GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION so that you can WIN.

Focus on what you need to do today to get the RIGHT information, gain the RIGHT knowledge, and get what you truly deserve.

Knowledge is Power !

Knowledge is Power and will give you peace of mind that you have the RIGHT game plan to Create the Winning Mindset so that you can make the right choice when it comes to you WINNING!


Gain a respect for this knowledge by starting today to determine my 3 keys to “OWN THE MOMENT” To WIN:


Make this your job. Whatever it is you want right now in life make it your job to go and get it! Research, study, google it(because everything you read on the internet is true) or get with a coach(find someone that has done it and is doing it and allow them to make you better)


Start to take action today…even if you don’t feel like it. Do this until you start to feel like it is your full time job and your job is important. Do what you need to do every single day to get the right knowledge.  For the last 5 years I have committed to reading 10 min of a book a day. Sometimes its more but its never less. Do I always feel like it, no! Think about that for a second…. how many books do you think I read over the last five years by just reading 10 min a day? Thats The Law of WINNING right there my friend!

Start today to ACT your way into feeling it!


Starting today get excited about it! Become enthusiastic about this. It is your job to gain the RIGHT knowledge so that you can WIN. Become excited in knowing that this right information is going to get you closer to your “WHAT”

Don’t allow all the craziness of life to hold you back from WINNING and don’t allow the dissatisfaction of where you currently are hold you back from being you in the moment.



If you’re an athlete…Be the greatest student of your sport right now!

If you’re a business owner…Be THE BEST owner you can be at the moment!

If you’re a husband… Be THE BEST one you can be at the moment!

If you’re an employee… Be THE BEST employee right now!

Be THE BEST you can be at the current moment with the peace of mind that you are developing the discipline, enthusiasm and knowledge you need to be THE BEST you in the tomorrow!


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.32.47 AM


You want to discover how to GET THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and WIN ALL DAY pick up your very own copy of my book and start to WIN more as an athlete and in life!

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