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Are you ready for this post my friend?

It’s about to get REAL!

And here’s why…

I come across way to many awesome people that are straight up losing in life…

and with just one little CHOICE you can change it all around and start WINNING more.


Start today to…


What in your life right now is holding you back from WINNING?

What in your life right now is holding you back from being YOUR BEST?

What in your life are you playing around with that you know you shouldn’t be playing around with?

What negativity in your life is keeping you from GREATNESS?

Here are the 3 things that many times hold us back from WINNING…

1. YOU

So many times we are our worst enemy.

In this cool book that I try everyday to live by it says…

Death and life are in the power of the tongue – Proverbs 18:21

How often throughout the day do you use the words “I can’t” or “Impossible”?

Are you your worst enemy?

How about the words…

• I am fat.
• I am unhealthy.
• I will always be poor.
• I am no good.

• I’m a loser.
• I’m ugly.

Words are powerful and could be the one thing keeping you  from your destiny.

You want to WIN more? Change your thinking! You want to change your thinking… eliminate the negative words in your life.

Start today to eliminate any negative thoughts you have about yourself.

You were wonderfully made and created for a purpose.

It’s time to fulfill that purpose.

You were born a winner…but the world we live in has taught us to fail and plants negative thoughts in our mind everyday if we allow it to…

Not you! Not any longer!

Right now I want for you to identify those negative words, thoughts and patterns in your life and eliminate them on a daily basis.



Who do you need to eliminate from your life?

Who in your life is negative? Who is toxic?

You know the people that complain and blame  but don’t do anything to change it.

or maybe…

Those people that don’t support what you do and where you are going.

or maybe…

That person who makes you feel bad when you’re around them…who shoots down your ideas, big goals, or bold crazy risky ambitions.

This is a hard one…

many times these people can be those closes to you in your life.


These negative people are slowing you down…

They are screwing up your winning percentage…

and overtime you will even lower your standard to please them rather than pursuing what you know you were called to do.

Why let these people go?

Because you need to make room for WINNERS in your life!


Listen, the negative people in your life may not always look negative from the outside… the wrong people in your life can even look so appealing from the outside and may not be negative on the outside…

It could be and look like the perfect relationship…

but you know its not inline with what and where you are going.

Being in a toxic relationship both personal and business can ruin your momentum and create turnovers in your life until the score has been run up so bad there is no comeback in sight… and game over!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.08.21 AM

You’ve got to be committed to run right now and RUNNING right now from these people…otherwise it will overtake you, you will start to say things you normally would not say…you will start to do things you normally would not do…it will get REAL and to the point where you feel bound. You will even begin to justify why its right even though you know its wrong…and your guilt for letting go of these relationships will keep you from WINNING.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.06.18 AM

Right now I want for you to identify these negative people in your life and eliminate them now.


So many times it’s not the individual that is keeping themselves from winning but rather the environment they are in.

What’s your environment like on a daily basis?

Is it making you better or worse?

Is it helping you WIN more? Is it moving you towards a win or a lose everyday?

It;’s time to cleanse your environment.

It could be the house you live in, the place you work, the people you are around, the music you listen to, the things you read…

You know what it is!

Either you gotta remove yourself from the environment or you gotta make sure EVERYONE in that environment knows exactly who you are and where you stand!


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.20.02 AM

These 3 negatives are like cancer and if not dealt with will eventually kill you.

You gotta check yourself!





Make today a day of new beginning for you!

new beginnings-3

Is this going to be easy? No! But you’re worth it!

Take the stand TODAY that you will no longer accept this negativity in your life…

That you will STOP PLAYING around with your life!


Here is your gameplan to get rid of the negativity in your life RIGHT NOW and STOP PLAYING!


You are worth it! Start today to tell yourself that you are worth it. That you deserve THE BEST and you deserve to WIN.

That you are worthy of achieving your goals and WINNING.

That you are worthy of being the best version of you… the person that you were created to be.

You’re one CHOICE Away!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.23.28 AM

Step 2: COMMIT

Be committed to YOU. Be committed to you WINNING.

Do what you say you will do! Be a person of your word and commit to not looking back as you rid this negativity in your life.

Commit to cutting out the negative thinking, words, people and environment NOW!

Commit to replacing them with people that support you and where you a re going.

Commit to letting them go!

Commit to JUST DO IT!

I don’t care what you have to do…

Avoid them… Get a new job… change your number…Just DO IT!

Commit to OWNING the moment! This is your life! You don’t have to explain anything to anyone… chances are they won’t get it anyway because their mindset isn’t ready!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.24.48 AM


Who in your life right now are you accountable to?

Making this decision can be tough… and you will need someone in your corner that can hold you accountable…

Someone that may not always tell you what you want to hear but will tell you what you need to hear!

Someone that will help you so you can STOP PLAYING with your life!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.26.31 AM






Do you want to rid your life of negativity in your life? Do you want to WIN more in life and lose more in your weight loss pick up a copy of my book “The Secret to Real Weight Loss Success” and be on your way to WINNING in fitness, nutrition and in life!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.59.34 PM

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