Mindy Kincade — Bootcamp Tulsa Lifer!

Aug 27, 2014 | #Blog, #Fitness

Mindy Kincade is a photographer and is 43 years young. Next month she will mark her two-year anniversary with Bootcamp Tulsa.

Mindy’s favorite aspect of BcT is the feeling that comes at the end of the workout. In her words, “It is after I’ve given all I have in a workout along side my bootcamp family, being fueled by their enthusiasm and pushed to do my best by the one and only…. Coach Jaime!”

Mindy says that she is actually addicted to the feeling that comes with doing something that is so good for her and has absolutely no guilt. She says there is nowhere else she can be addicted to something that is so beneficial to her overall life. This keeps her coming back to BcT.

She had noticed an incredible difference in her energy levels and endurance since coming to bootcamp. She says she looks and feels better than she did at any other point in her life, even her “skinny” days before kids!

Working from home and her only interactions being with her immediate family, Mindy was in great need of interaction from others. She was inside a lot, not getting enough exercise, and not motivated to do it by herself. The workouts were tough at first, and this left her feeling really tired and winded and wanting to give up when it got hard for her. She did not have a real grip on what was right or wrong as far as her eating habits and meal preparation for herself and her family.

Mindy now has a network of ladies that she calls her bootcamp family and gets excited to see them as she does her workout. She loves that her coach has something new and fun planned to challenge her and that it is never the same. She now has confidence that she is going to get through each workout even if she is challenged and finds herself much more knowledgeable about proper nutrition needed to maintain the results she has achieved by following the 10 habits.

BcT brought Mindy bonus benefits: more energy through the day. new found enthusiasm about life, better sleep, more confidence in her appearance. She has learned how to set goals for herself so she can focus on what she needs to achieve in her health and fitness.

Her advice to someone considering Bootcamp Tulsa is: “YOU CAN DO IT!!” It is hard, but if it was easy, you could do it on your own. She states, “The accountability that Bootcamp Tulsa provides is the REAL difference. You will be asking yourself why you waited so long to get started!”

Coach JC and his staff offer a workout you won’t find anywhere else as they always work to over deliver. They offer teaching opportunities to better equip us to take control of our health and fitness.

Final words from Mindy, “I LOVE BOOTCAMP TULSA!! I’M A LIFER!”

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