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That saying that’s been around for years in the marketing world, “The riches are in the niches” is still very true today. Once you determine your market from The Big 3 it is time to create your levels within that market.

If you want to dig deeper and learn more about the opportunities, or “oceans” within marketing pick up the book, Blue Ocean Strategy.

The Big 3 markets are obviously huge markets and now the oceans are full of sharks with everyone competing to WIN. Initially, they were wide open blue ocean opportunities that eventually became overpopulated red oceans. The goal is to find, create, and carve out your market within The Big 3.

Within The Big 3 markets, there are smaller (submarkets) which lead to new blue ocean opportunities.  Then within those submarkets is where you go one more level deep and niche down. There are many niches within the submarkets with tremendous opportunities. “The riches are in the niches”. This is where you will create your greatest benefit and find your niche to serve.

Here are The Big 3 Markets:




Once you determine your Market we will then create submarkets and then niche down from there.

Once you can create your own category, you can become the authority, expert, and leader in that niche and own it.

Here are a few of the Coach JC brands we created as an example.

Health – Fitness – For First Responders

Wealth – Personal Branding – For Entrepreneurs

Health – Personal Development – For Faith-Based

Health – Weight Loss – Fitness/Nutrition – For Woman

Health – Performance – For Athletes

Wealth – Online Business – Digital Marketing(Facebook, Instagram)

Health/Wealth/Relationships – Life Coaching – Body, Mind, Spirit – Men/Women

(don’t try this one… I have been building this one for 12 years and it is a long term play)

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