Feb 1, 2021 | #Blog, #Homepage, #Winning Mindset

Just take another step!

Just keep moving!

Don’t stop!

I was thinking about something. I was having a conversation with somebody earlier that’s going through hell in life, a tough time. It seems like they’re just weighed down by the problems and situations of life. And they said, “Coach JC, what did you do at those times?”.  As I thought about it, I wanted to give him such a great motivational talk such as pep talk and help them win. But I said, I gotta give you the most practical thing I’ve ever done when I was going through hell.

I didn’t stop!

I just took one more step.

I didn’t know how it was gonna work out.

I didn’t know what the end result looked like but i did not stop.

I kept moving.

All of a sudden I got through it and things work out.

So don’t stop, baby!

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