The Ultimate Power

Jan 20, 2021 | #Blog, #Homepage, #Win in Life

This week’s WIN ALL DAY Podcast is THE ULTIMATE POWER.

Hey winner! It’s coach JC and I want to welcome you to WIN ALL DAY PODCAST SHOW. I am Coach JC and I am honored to be your coach today and help you win more in life.

After overcoming hitting rock bottom, throwing away my sword, fighting to be a father in a custody battle over 4 hundred thousand dollars a day to suicide, I was able to create a new story for my life. I was able to take my greatest pain and make it my greatest purpose.

Since that time I have been on a mission. I have invested, studied, and absorb everything in anything that I can get my hands on when it comes to motivation and performance. I am absolutely obsessed with everything personal development and my calling in life is helping other people just like you to win more in life.

For the last fifteen years, I’ve been so blessed to build a personal brand around what I love to do. Starting by companies, a non-profit after five books professionally speak coach and trained people from all blocks of life. When it comes to motivation, mindset, and performance.

See, I believe that everyone was born a winner. That you can win. That you will win. That you must win. I believe everyone has a purpose and my goal is to give you what you need to live life with passion, on purpose, and win all day.

You were born a winner. It’s time to create your new story. To do life on your terms. To live a life on purpose with passion and I wanna coach you to do just that.

Once again welcome to the WIN ALL DAY PODCAST SHOW in this episode of win all day. I am super excited to have you and today we will talk about THE ULTIMATE POWER.

Hey, if it’s your first-time man, then it is time for the win all day winning confession. If your veteran or if your repeat listener, then you know what time it is, baby. Repeat after me. Today is my day. Nothing will get in my way of me being the version of me. I am here on purpose. I have a purpose. I am strong. I am passionate. I am fearless. I choose faith. I was born a winner. I will win and win all day.

Yes, you were born a winner and you are here because you desire more in life. Maybe physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in a relationship, you sick of losing, you wanna win, you wanna walk out your mission, your calling, you wanna fulfill your destiny, you wanna be more, you wanna achieve more, you wanna give more. Guys, that what’s this podcast is all about. It’s taking you to be who you were called to be. It’s taking you to believe what is possible and it’s about winning all day. Its coming to assure you understand that you were born a winner and you can win and you will win and you must win. It’s also bringing you understanding that all things are possible and that all things work together for good all day.

Today, in this episode we are talking about THE ULTIMATE POWER. Guys, I want you to hear me right now and I wanna ask you a question. What’s the difference in the quality of someone’s life? What is the difference? You’re here because you desire more. You’re here because you wanna win more, you wanna be more. Guys, listen to me. So, I wanna ask you a question. You’re here. You’re listening to this podcast. What is the difference between losing and winning? What is the difference between the people that are successful and the people that are not? What is the difference in the quality of your life? Guys, I want you to hear me. Winners don’t accept losing. Winners don’t accept life as it is. And today, I want you to become a winner. I want you to no longer accept life as it is. Stop accepting your physical body being at a shape excusing your result. It’s not okay. Stop accepting the lies that you are not mentally strong or emotionally strong or I don’t have the will power. Stop accepting losing. Stop accepting life as it is.

Listen to this weeks episode now so that you can live with PASSION, on PURPOSE and WIN ALL DAY…

Who loves ya?! I do

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