Oct 19, 2020 | #Blog, #Homepage, #Personal Branding

Don’t over complicate it! It’s right in front of you.

Maybe you already found your passion! You just weren’t looking for it until now. What are you doing everyday? Everyday you are doing things, going places, talking about stuff, etc… Then on the weekends you are kicking it doing activities you enjoy during your free time. You watch shows on Netflix, you surf the internet, you have conversations with co-workers and friends.

What are those things? Those things that dominate your time in life because you choose for them to, because you enjoy them?

I believe everyday, what we are passionate about, is right in front of us. We just choose to ignore it or avoid it…

“I don’t know how and am afraid to take the leap of faith due to failure or what other people might say or think!”

The problem is not a lack of passion for something. The problem is BELIEF!

You know what you are passionate about! So starting today let’s create a new belief around what is possible! It’s time to start to be a little unreasonable and unrealistic with your passion and goals!

The problem isn’t passion. It’s BELIEF!

Do you really need to find your passion or is your passion already a part of your life? You just need to start to believe it’s alive and well and that it can be a larger part of your life.

You don’t have to look to hard for what you’re passionate about, you’re probably already passionate about it right now!

When you’re passionate about something, it will feel like such an ingrained part of your life, like you must have it, like you want to do more of it and it completes you when you do it.

What do you really enjoy in life? Be real with yourself! No fear! No worry! What is it? The time of ignoring it ends today!


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