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This week’s WIN ALL DAY Podcast is “What Business Are You Really In?”.

See, I believe that everyone was born a winner. That you can win. That you will win. That you must win. I believe everyone has a purpose and my goal is to give you what you need to live life with passion, on purpose, and win all day.

You were born a winner. It’s time to create your new story. To do life on your terms. To live a life on purpose with passion and I wanna coach you to do just that.

Once again welcome to the WIN ALL DAY PODCAST SHOW in this episode of win all day.

What’s going on winner? I wanna welcome you to this episode of win all day podcast show. This episode is ” What Business Are You Really In?”.

But before we get in to that, you know what time it is. If you are a frequent listener, you know it’s time for the winning confession. If it’s your first time, please repeat after me. Today is my day. Nothing will get in my way of me being the version of me. I am here on purpose. I have a purpose. I am strong. I am passionate. I am fearless. I choose faith. I was born a winner. I will win and win all day. Yes, you were born a winner and you will win and win all day.

So today as we open up this episode, I wanna post a question for you and the question is this “What’s the business you’re in?”. I want you to answer it right now. This episode is dedicated and commited to your business, to your personal brand, to making the money impact and the time freedom that you desire and deserve. If you’re not in business yet, start thinking about these questions before you get into businesses to help you win in business.

So, what business are you in? You might say ” Coach JC, I’m in the business of restaurant business. I’m in the business of fitness business”. Whatever business that is. Guys, I want you to answer that. What business are you in? Within that business, what do you sell? What’s the products and services that you sell?

And now today guys, I want to give you a mindset shift that helps me in business and I know it will help you too. And I wanna ask you, what business are you really in right now? Guys, I want you to hear me right now. Your mindset shift today is this ” no matter what business you’re in, you are in the people business”. The business that you are in is the people’s business and what you really sell right now is not the product or service that you think that you sell. The midset shift is this ” cause I am in the people business and what I sell is I sell an experience”. Guys, this is such a mindset shift. The product that you sell is a vehicle to get them what they need or desire or want. People buy and they purchase decisions for one of the two reasons, typically pain, and pleasure. If I buy this product, how’s gonna make me feel? What’s the experience it gonna give me? What pleasure it gonna bring me in my life? Or if I buy this product, what’s the pain it gonna stop me in my life? So, you’re separating yourself in your market, in your industry. It’s about perception, guys.

Listen to this weeks episode now so that you can live with PASSION, on PURPOSE and WIN ALL DAY… https://winallday.libsyn.com/episode-94-what-business-are-you-really-in

Who loves ya?! I do

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