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Note from Coach JC on what win all day means below:

It was at my lowest point in life, I threw away my story, ended up over $400k in debt, in a custody battle fighting to be a father, down and out, depressed and suicidal when I made the decision to create a NEW STORY for my life.

The only thing keeping you from getting what you really want in life is the story you keep telling yourself why you don’t have it.

To create a new story, I had to create a new belief. You don’t get what you want in life, you get who you believe you are!

One of the greatest beliefs in life is a belief in YOU! Who You Were Born To Be! Who You Are! And Who You Can Become!

Change your belief…Change your life!

So how do you create a new belief?

Start to assign your life a new meaning, give it a new story so that you can create a new belief. How? You create it! By REPETITION! Faith comes by hearing!

There are power in your words! Death and life are in the power of your tongue!

When we create a word we give it meaning and create a new way of thinking. The words we use create our reality!

So at my lowest point, I created the mantra, “WIN ALL DAY”. It started as a confession to stay alive and then became my own commitment to constantly be in a daily pursuit to be my best and now it has become a movement and a mantra to live by to many people world-wide!

WIN ALL DAY!So what does it really mean?

WIN = You were born a WINNER. You can WIN. You will WIN. You must WIN. “I am here on PURPOSE!” “I have a PURPOSE!”

ALL DAY = ALL THINGS! ALL things are possible! ALL things work together for good!

WIN ALL DAY is a BELIEF! A belief that you were born to WIN! “I CAN WIN”, “I WILL WIN,” “I MUST WIN!”

It is a MINDSET that today is your day! “NOTHING will get in my way of me being THE BEST version of me!”

It is a DECISION. To be on a constant pursuit to walk out your calling, purpose, mission, and ultimately fulfill your destiny. “I CREATE MY REALITY!”

A decision each day that “I CAN DO ALL THINGS!” To be your best, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and financially! “I AM strong!” “I AM passionate!”

A decision that no matter the situation, the circumstance, the trial, and storms of life that ALL things work together for good!

“I AM FEARLESS!” “I choose FAITH!” I choose a relentless, positive, passionate, confident, intense, deliberate, joyful, encouraging, inspiring, motivating, purpose-driven attitude. One of certainty, expectancy, and EXCELLENCE!

Today you raise your standard! Today you go to a new level! Today you create a new story for your life! Today you take on a new belief!

And that belief is, “WIN ALL DAY!”


Who Loves Ya?!

I Do

Coach JC


  1. SEE IT – See this WINNING confession at least 3x/day.
  2. SAY IT – Say it at least 3x/day with conviction and authority.
  3. SEE IT – Visualize yourself already there, your new belief, story, you WINNING!
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