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This week’s WIN ALL DAY Podcast is Your New Identity.

See, I believe that everyone was born a winner. That you can win. That you will win. That you must win. I believe everyone has a purpose and my goal is to give you what you need to live life with passion, on purpose, and win all day.

You were born a winner. It’s time to create your new story. To do life on your terms. To live a life on purpose with passion and I wanna coach you to do just that.

Once again welcome to the WIN ALL DAY PODCAST SHOW in this episode of win all day.

What’s going on winner? Coach JC here and you are listening to this episode of win all day podcast show.

“I am”. Were getting to this ” I am” episode in just a moment.

Hey, if it’s your first time, then it is time for the win all day winning confession. If your veteran or if your repeat listener, then you know what time it is, baby. Repeat after me. Today is my day. Nothing will get in my way of me being the version of me. I am here on purpose. I have a purpose. I am strong. I am passionate. I am fearless. I choose faith. I was born a winner. I will win and win all day. Yes, you were born a winner and you will win and win all day.

“I am.”

Guys, I want you to hear me right now. The “I am” statements are the most powerful statements you can ever use in your entire life. The greatest belief that you can ever have is the belief in God, the creator. The second greatest belief that you can ever have is the belief in you, who you were born to be, who you are, and who you can become.

Guys you know, if you listen to this podcast show, which I am blessed to be part of your life in any way, that I am super big on identity. Who you see yourself at. Guys, you got to hear what I am saying right now. If you look at your life right now and the reality of your life is the direct reflection of your “I am” statements. It’s a direct reflection of perspective. It’s a direct reflection of how you view yourself. Your belief in you. You only go as far as you believe you can and it’s determined by how you view yourself. You will never rise higher than the image you have about yourself. You will never rise higher than the vision you carrying in your mind about yourself. The only thing your holding on back right now for winning and winning more in life is the vision you have about yourself. So, I’m here today to help you create a new vision of yourself.

Listen to me. I’m here today to get your understanding that the meaning of anything in life only has a meaning you choose to give it. And today, I wanna bring you a new meaning of you. Of who you are.

This is something that changed my life and it will also be the same for you. Guys, I’ve told you. You’ve heard my story. There were times, back in the day, when I look so much guilt, so much shame and it was like every day I was bombarded mentally. But you can’t. It won’t. Your shame, worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, and so much because of a mistake I made. But, at the same time, I have understood that I was the only one even though I made that mistake and that was the reality of my life. That I was the only one that can change it at that moment. That I have come with a true understanding that the way to change it was to shift my identity and was to take a new identity. The belief of who I believe I was. I have to free myself.

You might be a product of you past but today is the day to free yourself and no longer be a prisoner of you past.

Get your new identity!

Listen to this weeks episode now so that you can live with PASSION, on PURPOSE and WIN ALL DAY…

Who loves ya?! I do

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