Marnie Waller loves that her fellow responders are FAMILY at FFR!

Nov 9, 2016 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Marnie Waller is a 48 year old Tulsa Police Officer who is currently assigned as a Detective with the Sex Crimes Unit. She has been a part of Fit First Responders since the first challenge…April 2015.

Marnie’s favorite aspect is hard to say because she loves the coaches, loves her FFR family, and loves learning to change/grow stronger inside and out.

What keeps Marnie coming back to FFR is her desire to be a better her…physically, spiritually and emotionally. She says, “I know if I can improve in these three areas, my whole life improves as well as those whose lives I am connected to or have contact with.”

As for results, Marnie shares: “The results I’ve seen are many. Physical strength has improved. I’m learning to become a much stronger person and learning to love and have faith in myself. I’ve really learned how much I’ve hidden over the years growing up and trying to convince others I’m strong while not believing it myself. I’ve recently come to this conclusion!

Marnie can tell when she has had to miss FFR for periods of time as her body immediately starts complaining and her moods change. She explains, “The feeling of strength and determination and accomplishment I feel after leaving a workout is incredible! I wish I could bottle that up and keep it 24:7!! I’m trying to learn how to do this and will in time.”

Marnie shares, “I would love to see this program available to every first responder. One of the greatest things about the program is after being TPD for over 24 years I finally know my fellow first responders like Fire, Ambulance, FBI, sheriffs office etc., and they are FAMILY! Before this program we were not even close to being one family. In all honesty most of us didn’t know one another or really care. Now I know each of us would fight for the other. I know we all are truly brothers and sisters. That’s not only good for each of us but great for our community.”

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