Amanda Dunn found a new outlook of taking care of herself at FFR!

May 17, 2017 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Fitness

Amanda Dunn is 34 yeas old (turning 35 in July) and is a Fire and Police Dispatcher at Tulsa 911. She has been a part of Fit First Responders since October 2016.

Amanda’s absolute favorite thing about FFR is the motivation from the coaches. She adds, “And the camaraderie that makes you want to come back!”

The coaches , the camaraderie, and of course the results are what keep Amanda coming back.

Amanda says of her results, “I definitely feel stronger and don’t get winded so easily…..but the best part is seeing the inches and sizes melt away. When I first started I was ordering my t-shirts in XL, and now I am wearing a medium!!!!!”

FFR has given Amanda a whole new outlook of taking care of herself. She explains, “After gaining weight, I had zero motivation to workout before and always found excuses not to. I became self-conscious of my appearance and was very uncomfortable in my clothing. I have gained more confidence in myself since starting FFR and am loving the changes so far.”

Amanda has found she sleeps better and wakes up feeling more energized. She shares, “ After changing my diet, I don’t crave sweets much anymore, and if I do, it is usually pretty easy to talk myself out of it. Total mindset change!

Her advice to others considering FFR is to just give it a try. She says, “ Let us show you how much fun we have. Once you get a taste and make that decision to better yourself, you HAVE to make it a priority. I have a set time three times a week that no matter what, I have plans during this certain hour. I could still find excuses not to go some days, but I KNOW that once I walk in that door at DSD, I am ready to kick butt and WIN!! Don’t be discouraged by thinking that you are “behind” everyone else that is already in there. The coaches are awesome at modifying or substituting exercises for whatever reason. You work at your own pace, and I PROMISE you will see results just like everyone else.”

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