Amy Jensen goes from minimum effort to feel good to maximum effort to achieve success!

Sep 23, 2015 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Amy Jensen has been a part of the DSD family for about two years and has been a Tulsa Police Officer for three years. Amy initially fell in love with this program because it is similar to a collegiate workout regiment. After leaving college athletics and becoming an officer she could tell she had lost her speed, strength, stamina and her ability to self-motivate during workouts. She says, “DSD gave me all those things and the encouragement I needed to be an asset physically at work.”

Amy adds, “Not many of the Fit First Responders family know that when this program started I was carrying about 10 pounds of body fat from my pregnancy in 2013 in which my husband and I lost our daughter Lily. Having the opportunity to go to DSD every day during the most challenging time of my life has been a God send. Before the FFR challenge began though I was doing the minimum to feel good. Now I can say I am putting forth the maximum effort I have to be a success.”

During the first 17 weeks of this competition Amy’s life has changed in many ways. Nutrition is now a topic of conversation in her home daily, and they are learning to make better choices for their future. Her husband is now looking forward to getting involved with the Strong Men program when his work schedule allows. Amy says, “We were recently blessed with bringing a teenager into our home. He immediately connected with the first responders and coaches at FFR, and I love that he has the opportunity to hear about the power of positive thinking and making good choices. We are stronger and more positive overall as a family unit.”

Amy’s personal gains in the first 17 weeks of the program include the loss of 4 pounds of body fat and gaining 2 pounds lean muscle mass. The noticeable changes are in her muscle definition of her arms and back and shaving 2 pants sizes off of her waist. Amy has seen huge gains in the amount of weight she is able to lift, and she still expects more during this competition. Amy adds, “In regards to my work goals, this competition gave me the final push in a 3 year goal of completing try outs for the Special Operations Team. I will always recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel better and be in the type of shape that first responder jobs demand of us. I like to tell people that the second day is the hardest, but by the forth you will wonder why you ever tried anything else.”

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