Becky Bilby was excited to get her Golden Kettle Bell!

Aug 17, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Becky Bilby is 36 years old and as of this month, she is now a stay-a-home mom. She has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa for almost two yeas. She says, “I couldn’t wait to get my golden kettle ball!”

The friends she has made at BcT are what keep her coming back. If she misses there is normally someone texting or messaging her to see where she is. She says, “Others are always there to keep you accountable.”

Becky has lost 10 pounds. She was happy with her body before, but now she is able to see some muscle tone. She always thought you had to do heavy weights to achieve that!

Becky has become more disciplined in her exercise, trying to go at least 4 – 5 mornings each week and has become more goal-oriented. She recently ran her first 10K with fellow BcT’ers Carrie Orth and Misty Heard. Her goal was to complete it in one hour. She barely missed her time and made it in 1 hour and 19 seconds. She adds, “This gives me a good starting point, and I plan to improve my time on the next race.”

If you are considering BcT, Becky shares, “I have made some great friends. People see your enthusiasm for BCT and ask about it and they want to try it out. Many people have started bootcamp simply because my cousin Annie Bilby invited me and anyone that I invite asks others to come. The coaches and other boot campers motivate and push you. They are always here are always new exercises and challenges and there is never an easy day because you have a coach and lady next to you pushing you to be your best.”

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