Candice Alcott for results at BcT in a big way!

Mar 23, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Candice Alcott is a 31 year old Real Estate broker for Coldwell Banker Select. She has been at Bootcamp Tulsa six months.

Candice’s favorite part of BcT is the accountability and how Coach Jaime challenges the ladies….not only physically but mentally as well. She says, “Coach Jaime constantly speaks the word over us and pushes us to see all the wonderful things we are and can offer others.”

The results are what keep Candice coming back. She has done home workouts with some results. In gyms she really didn’t know what she was doing there or how to use the equipment, and she has done her own cardio just running around her neighborhood. She explains, “None of these got me to where I wanted to see myself. I joined hoping for the results I had anticipated, and I got them in a big way!

Candice’s husband calls her results her Gainzzzzz (she says, “You have to add the multiple zzz’s as that’s how he says it”) Her husband who is in the Air Force National Guard also joined FFR. Candice adds, “We are both looking and feeling good! I am defined and toned and often times surprise myself with the sculpting that I see in the mirror!”

BcT has Candice wanting to continue to stir herself up and make this a life style. Eat well, work out, and look good! She says, “I started this journey with BcT to meet a goal, that is fast approaching I may add, but I have been pushed and challenged. I like it! Being this healthy is now is a pillar of who I am and who I want to continue to be!”

Candice used to have a terrible time sleeping. Most days stress or the multiple things she had on her plate kept her up thinking most of the night. As a mom, wife, active community volunteer, and Realtor it was really easy for her to put herself on the back burner 99% of the time. She explains, “When I took the steps to work on myself, and yes, adding workouts to that busy schedule, I was able to focus better! I sleep sooooo much better! I prioritize more efficiently because I am not so stressed. This really is a life style change and one that has helped me excel!”

As for advice for anyone looking to join BcT, Candice says to know that we all had a first day. First days are not easy because you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. She recalls, “For me it was rough for about a month. But let me tell you, you have a lot of women who are there to support and help you. We want to see you succeed! This is no competition, you don’t have to lose weight or get yourself situated before coming to visit us. That is what this program is about; helping you so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. P.S. Do not eat right before coming to your first workout. Just a helpful hint that I didn’t think of on my first day. ;)”

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