Dakota Crase finds so much support in his FFR Family!

Dakota Crase finds so much support in his FFR Family!

Dakota Crase is a 28 year old Tulsa County Sherriff’s Deputy. He has been apart of FFR for 33 weeks.

Dakota’s favorite aspect of FFR (which he says most will disagree with him) would be the exercise Sally Ups Squats and Push-Ups.

The fact that FFR has become his family is what keeps Dakota coming back. He explains, “The FFR family and community depends on each of us, not only in the gym but also on the streets. Being physically and mentally fit makes the day-to-day stress and challenges that much easier.”

There have been a lot of great results for Dakota. He has lost inches and gained muscle and strength.

As for a change in his life, Dakota says, “I’ve dipped Copenhagen Long Cut since I was 15. Knowing all the hard work I was putting in, I saw Tobacco and Alcohol as counter productive. One day in January the urge to dip was gone. I’ve never picked it up since.

The coaches at FFR have made Dakota really challenge himself, not only in the gym but also in his family life. He says, “ I’ve become a better person in general because of implementing the four pillars into my daily life.”

Advice for someone considering starting FFR: “It’s going to hurt. You’re going to be uncomfortable, and at some point you’re going to hit a wall. At FFR you never hit that wall alone. We have so much support in this family!!!”

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