Eileen Lubinski feel better about her self since starting FFR!

May 25, 2016 | #Athletics, #Blog, #Homepage

Eileen Lubinski is a 38 year old Paramedic at Creek County EMS and EMSA. She has been a part of Fit First Responders since November of 2015.

Eileen has several ‘favorite” aspects of FFR and cannot pick just one. The positive motivation and encouragement from all the coaches and fellow members and of course the results are her favorites.

What does Not keep Eileen coming back is the Prowler! She says that all the coaches and her fellow teammates in her class know how much she despises it. It seems they like to include it as much as possible….just for her!

The encouragement and motivation from everyone is what does keep Eileen coming back. She explains, “It’s a group effort there. No one is left out regardless of fitness level. It truly feels like I’m on a team with one main goal in mind and we constantly push each other toward that goal. The results of a healthier and more fit me keeps me coming back for more! I have never stuck with a workout program for any length of time like I have with this one! “

Because of surgery, Eileen has not been able to attend consistently over the last six months, but the definition and toning of her muscles in just the short amount of time she has been at FFR is amazing. She is starting to gain strength as well which is exciting!

Eileen has not seen any major life changes happen yet, but she is learning things about herself. She explains, “I have learned I can do things if I push myself enough. I have friends and family (FFR family) I can lean on when I need help with something and I’m never alone! I’m working extremely hard to be a better me in every aspect of my life and to be a good example for my kids!”

Other changes that Eileen has seen since coming to FFR: I have to say it has helped me sleep more soundly at times! And just an overall more positive attitude in everyday life! I feel good about myself, better than I have in a long time since starting at FFR, and that has carried over into all areas and relationships in my life.”

Eileen’s advice to someone considering joining FFR: “FFR is a hard core program but it is for any fitness level! They will help to adjust or modify any of the workouts to fit your needs until you can get where you want to be. There are struggles along the way. It can sometimes even be a little discouraging when things get hard, but you will ALWAYS have the coaches and fellow teammates pushing you and cheering you on! Any question you may have about anything they are happy to answer! I have been a member of several gyms but this is nothing like I have been to. I can get results anywhere but you won’t find a better group of people and support like you do here. Hands down!”

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