Emily Rhoads lost 14 pounds and 10 inches in 7 months!

Sep 14, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Emily Rhoads is 25 years old and is a 4th grade teacher. She has been a part of Bootcamp Tulsa for 7 months.

Emily’s favorite aspect of BcT is the women that she works out with. She says, “They are so encouraging. Whenever I feel like I have to stop and take a break, someone says my name and I think “Oh crap! They are watching me!” Then I feel like I have to keep pushing through. The coaches are amazing too. They are there for you when you need a good pep talk. They push you, and they know how to talk me through something I feel like I’m doing wrong.”

The results are what keep Emily coming back to BcT. She adds, “I also (crazy as it may sound) have fun when I’m working out. This is my mommy time, and it lets me release any stress I may have. Also, I am NEVER judged here. No matter how many times I mess up on the jump rope, all I can do is laugh and keep going because I hear someone say ‘You got it, Emily’.”

Since starting BcT Emily has lost 14 pounds. She has lost over 10 inches total off her body.

Last March, one month after having her son, Emily had knee surgery. After her surgery she took quite a while to heal. She was very hesitant on starting BcT because of the surgery. The knee just wasn’t healing as quickly as Emily wanted it to. Her BcT coach worked with her by giving her modifications on pushing herself but not over doing it. She explains, “I remember the first time we had to do sprints and I was EXTREMELY nervous because I didn’t want to look silly while doing it (Again, you’re never judged). But I can’t tell you how happy I was when I heard everyone cheering for me after I finished. It was truly moving. I’m so thankful I started BcT because now I have very minimal issues with my knee!”

Emily shares her thoughts on BcT: “BcT has changed my life because I can finally do things with my son that I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to do with my knee the way it was. BcT has also given me more confidence than I had before.”

If you are considering BcT but you are still hesitant like Emily was, her words of advice are to come and try it 4 times. She explains, “Come just 4 times. It took me 4 times to become addicted to working out. BcT is not like a normal gym or workout routine. We are a family. A family who prays together, fights together, and a family who encourages each other. I am so thankful for what BcT has done for me. And I know once you get passed the “fear” of working out you will be obsessed and addicted like I am!

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