Erica Leatherbarrow considers her BcT friends family!

Mar 16, 2016 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Erica Leatherbarrow is 33 years old and is a teacher. She is currently teaching Pre-K at First United Methodist Church’s Early Learning Academy where she serves beside her husband who is a Children’s Minister. She is mommy to three gorgeous daughters.

Erica never really struggled with her weight, but she says that doesn’t mean she was healthy. With her third baby the weight did not quickly come off as it has with the first two. Once her baby turned 2 she found herself 20 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight. She was frustrated, tired to hide behind her clothes and was uncomfortable with the extra weight. She says, “Through the years I would always go through phases of being focused on my health, then give up when I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I had become complacent and flat out lazy!”

Erica heard through a friend on Facebook about Bootcamp Tulsa’s Change a Life back in September. She agreed to just try it out for a month in hopes of it kick-starting her journey to fitness. She says, “Little did I know how addictive it would prove to be. After my first week of BCT, I left crying after Coach JC’s speech at the end. I knew that I had to somehow make it work.” She painstakingly looked online, called the gyms in town and looked into every other option trying to find something comparable. She adds, “I knew I wouldn’t be able to match the sense of family and community that BCT offered. I invited some of my friends from work to join me and five of us all committed to BCT together!”

As for results, Erica explains, “Since my commitment to BCT (and my commitment to myself and my health!) in September I have lost 10 pounds and over an inch in my waist! None of my jeans fit me properly anymore, and that’s a great thing! I am seeing muscle definition that I have never seen in my body before, and that gets me excited! I’ve had several people tell me that they can see a change in my body and that my hard work is paying off. I have made so many friends through BCT that I can consider family.”

What keeps Erica coming back is knowing that her friends are there, counting on her and keeping her accountable. The days that she goes to BcT, she makes healthier eating decisions. She also feels better about herself, and she is getting stronger! She says, “I am so thankful for what BCT has done for me and for the women of Tulsa. The days that I do not go, I feel like I am missing out on something great—which pushes me to go five days a week! I love how every workout is different and it certainly is never boring. I love how the women push each other to go farther, and longer. I love that everyone is on a different level of fitness and phases of life, and that’s ok!”

Her advice to anyone thinking about joining BCT is to just try it for 2 weeks. She explains, “I know for a fact that you’ll be hooked!”

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