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Galen Howe finds in retirement BcT just brightens her heart!

Aug 30, 2017 | #Blog, #Fitness, #Homepage

Gaylen Howe will be 66 next month and is currently retired but will probably be looking for part time work in 2018. She celebrates her 1-year anniversary at Bootcamp Tulsa in September.

Gaylen cycled for about four years and had to stop so thought going to Bootcamp might strengthen her enough to go back on her bike. She says, “In those first few months, there were times I didn’t know fi I could make it waking up at 4:00 am to get to workout, but once I was there and working out I was so glad I went!”

The ‘encouragement’ to succeed that you always receive from all the ladies and especially Coach is what is Gaylen’s favorite thing about Bootcamp. Gaylen adds, “Coach is constantly watching us and pressing us to Be our BEST!!! This always makes me try that much harder to make it through a session and feel like I have truly accomplished something. I love, love the closing prayer…what better way to start your day!!!”

The Jenks ladies are what keep Gaylen coming back to BcT. She says, “Love them so much! I have made some great friendships! Coach JC and Jodi….what an awesome couple and wonderful Christian example for us all! Just working out in this environment is so much more comfortable for me than the ‘gym’ scene, which I never liked.”

As for results, Gaylen’s body has definitely been reshaped. She has not felt this good about herself for years. After menopause she lost a lot of her strength, and Bootcamp Tulsa has helped her build up her strength and stamina again! She adds, “My weight is down to what I was in my early 30’s….How exciting is that???”

Gaylen has worked since she was 15 ½ years old so becoming a new ‘retiree’ in 2016 was quite a change for her. She really did not have a plan as to what she would do. She explains, “ I do know I was starting the ‘woe is me’ treatment on myself! Meeting such wonderful and successful ladies I realized that everyone is basically facing similar issues in their ‘time of life’ that were similar to situations I faced throughout my life. Bootcamp turns my positive thinking mind back on and always helps me realize at the wonderful possibilities that await me in this new phase of my life. Truly wish BcT had been available when I was going through my child rearing years and working years….could have definitely used this wonderful group of people!”

Gaylen does have more energy and her outlook is more positive since finding BcT. It has forced her to watch what she eats and she always sleeps better after a workout day! She says, “Whenever I start thinking about BcT, it just brightens my heart. What can I say? I simply Love it!!!”

Gaylen’s advice: “If you are considering BcT….Just try it!!! It might not be easy for you at first, but stick with it and you will soon learn you can’t live without it.

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